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It’s been a great week, Chivers. Keep up the good shit show.

  • guest


    • Frankie

      My good sir, i think you might just be an idiot

    • Drewcifer

      your the fist douche to post, and with NOTHING to say… you sir, are a poor example of a Chiver. Now go back to eating cock, and let the rest of us have fun here. kk thx bye.

    • misterteehee

      Who's awesome? YOU'RE AWESOME

    • Joey Mitchell

      All I see is jealous Chivers being jealous they weren't first. YOU good sir are the man and are #1!!

    • free willyyyy

      congrats jackass now look at my site –

  • CBRian1K

    #29. I'm pretty sure that's Captain Kangaroo.

    • misterteehee

      Looks more like a combination of an oompa loompa, Colonel Sanders, and Javier Bardem's character from No Country for Old Men.

    • its_forge

      Bob's been dead since 2004, so if this pic is that old, then maybe.

  • DNA

    #29 Member of Coolest Guys in the world club!

  • Thatsnotright

    #39 How Stella got 10 years.

  • Pufffdragon

    #50 A gap within a gap. Genius!!!

    • bob

      We just got Inception'd!!!

      • misterteehee

        But I already liked the idea of humps.

    • Gabriel Noronha Grecco

      We need to go deeper!

      • liqWHJ

        We already read all of these puns and clever remarks on sexy chivers yesterday, douche. You aren't original even though you might want people to think you are.

        • Stigma222

          "Shit just got real" who are you calling a douche your making fun of people on the internet behind a guest SN now slap on you big girl pantys and stop crying

    • 1 nut

      The gap gap makes me want to fap fap.

    • Hoovus

      Yo dawg, we heard you like gaps. So we got you a gap within a gap

    • Matthew Molin

      it's inception all over again

  • tom


    your argument is invalid

  • Frank

    #10 Makes me laugh everytime.

    • misterteehee

      Bear Grylls is a freaking liar. He must be getting Charlie's sloppy seconds.

  • chiver132

    chive…when are we going to see a gap gallery?!?

    • Badfish


      Thats usin' ur noggin!

  • Anon

    I could go for some more of #9 #33 and #40

    • DaddyD

      Especially 40

    • Kotaro

      #30 google "camila and mariana davalos", there are two of them (twins). enjoy.

  • yummy

    #40 and #50 FTW
    so much winning charlie sheen cant believe it

    • Frankie

      Dude, Charlie Sheen has seen things you can´t even see on the internet #10

  • moop

    #25 didn't realize she looked this good
    #50 so good, will be a chive classic for a long time

    • Cody Gaul

      Who is #25?

      • Badfish

        Ivanka Trump. She's hot. Plus, she could buy me an island.

  • John Brown


  • astowe10

    #9 looks like she is in a dorm room. find her please.

  • Duaneo

    Another fine week! Thanks Chive!

  • hitbox

    who is #28?

    she has a really nice tush 🙂

  • PointBlank_

    #28 #50 I will say one thing for her, She does have a nice big ole behind. I 'd like to put some barbecue sauce on that butt and just bubububub awoooooooooooooooo

    • JPV

      anchorman humor never gets old

  • Jason RL

    #20 wow
    brb flying to norway

  • Mmm_Ciao

    That's one long kiss. Kudos. #45

    • misterteehee

      This sure puts Akekachai and Raksana Tiranarat's kiss that lasted 46:24:09 hrs to shame.

  • TherealJoel

    #41 Cant help but wonder how peter griffin would respond.

    • speedingdemon181

      With a fist fight

  • The Milkman

    #50 Mind: Blown

    • misterteehee

      Boner: Achieved

  • Jojo

    #19 Whoever did 19 is a douche. That is Antoine Lavoisier and his wife Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze. If not for his wife assisting and saving all of his work, modern chemistry would still be trying to make gold out of lead. Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze was the smartest person in France at the time and Antoine was fugging lucky to have married her. If anything, it most likely was her who did all the intellectual work while Antoine mostly did the engineering work since she was the one who wrote everything down and was able to tell Antoine what other chemists in other countries did. She most likely understood if she placed herself at the forefront of the research, the male intellectual community would of not taken their works seriously.

    Antoine was an elitist douche and an intellectual inferior to Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze. So it's appropriate he's looking up to her with awe…

    • Petey

      ummmmm… no one gives a shit here Jojo. this is the Chive not some French art gallery. this picture is funny and thats all that matters

      • Jon

        Leave Jojo alone, his g/f made him write this.

        • OG456

          She most likely understood that if she wrote it herself, the chive intellectual community would not have taken their works seriously.

          Jojo, I had to correct your grammar just to mock you. If you are going to be an elitist prick, learn how to write.

      • its_forge

        I give a shit, I thought that was some pretty cool history there.

    • Fawx

      Jojo, why is there always someone like you. *sigh*

    • misterteehee

      Nice history lesson. Today I learned something on theChive.

      • tastykak3s

        not me. i stopped reading two sentences in like most people

        • its_forge

          Yeah well "most people" prefer to remain ignorant fucking jackasses so you're in good company.

    • tomy

      jojo stop being such a feminist bitch and enjoy comedy

    • Screwdriver

      Jojo….You ever been in a cockpit before? ….You ever seen a grown man naked?

      • JMikeH

        Surely you can be serious.

        • McCrack88

          I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley.

    • Greg Suarez

      Ummm… it was a joke?

    • kualjo

      Speaking of being a douche, Jojo….

    • Bored*%%

      Stating the fact that she was the smartest person in France, is the same has saying your the tallest little person in the world. No one really cares.

      • Jessica Condrey

        Check out the big brain on Brett! You're a smart motherfucker

    • MacnCheese

      Thanks for the history lesson there Jojo! May I mention another great scientist? Newton! For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! You called the maker of this photo a douche, in a comedic style forum, while typing up a history lesson on the photo, and as a reaction, you now look like a douche!

      Any variation of relativity, is a bitch ain't it?

  • RKae


    No. F*ck you, Bill Nye. Asshole.

    • metalcool36

      No one says Fuck you to Bill Nye and gets away with it… There will be blood o.O

    • Carmine

      Fuck you Rkae. Nye is the man

  • CoLNo1

    #38 Fantastic picture, eery yet kinda soothing

    • misterteehee

      Just like the cemetery.

  • Marine Mike

    #22 is Ted Kennedy's next life

    • speedingdemon181

      what's your next life Marine Mike? A monkey looking at guy's balls? I'm sure you have the experience after living, sleeping and showering with all guys…

  • misterteehee


    The Science Guy?

    • Shane

      THE science guy.

      • DrrpHrrp

        The SCIENCE guy.

        • its_forge

          The Science GUY. Sorry, had to.

          • coolguy

            C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

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