It’s time once more to revisit your childhood (25 Photos)

  • mcsgwigga

    #21 = Hours of fun!!! Awesome!

    • Dave Gogel

      one of the coolest toys i've ever had!

      • r@f

        yeah F$## Need For Speed!

    • Kenny

      I don't think I've seen one of these in person in 20 years, but damn I miss mine.

    • Captain Slappy

      Loved it. I was always Michael Knight in my head when playing with this.

    • Tito

      I think my mother still has mine in a closet somewhere.

    • Andy

      Had TOTALLY forgotten about that until now! Omg the memories! 🙂 Thank you chive

      • bramer

        omg found this lingering somewhere in my memory
        i think a friend of mine had one

  • Alan Whitaker

    so many awesome things!!

    I still have my crossfire!

    • Matt

      You'll get caught up in the…CROSSFIRE!

  • gofistyourself

    yup, nostalgia ….now i want a sno-cone …… #20

    • Andy

      I had the Snoopy one

      • Badfish

        Yeah, everybody had the snoopy one. Who ever heard of the kool-aid one?

  • dean

    #5 everyday summer day

    • RobBroad4th

      Those and the chocolate Mickey Mouse/Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers bars.

  • BigDingo

    Holy crap I had the phone from #3 and I freakin loved that thing!

    • Grifo

      I didn't have the phone in #3 and I freakin wanted that thing!

  • Sal

    I smiled so big when I saw #15. Every time something smells bad I hear those tubas in my head go doooomdooooom

  • McGurt

    #10 SuperSoak that hoe.

    • johnny

      by the time u got to where u were gonna wet a T-shirt, that piece of shit leaked empty. still have it for some reason tho

  • Jesus

    You're a goddamn liar.

  • Hero_ofthe_Day

    What's weird is I grew up in the 90's, and I remember 75% of all this shit…hand me down toys, awesome, awesome

  • Paul C Hannon


    Meca-leca-hi meca-hiney-ho

    • meh

      If you play that backwards on a record it says "kill your parents" serious, I wouldn't lie

    • TxSpooky

      What show is this or what?

      • Pee Wee Herman

        You said the magic word!! AAAHHH!! Heheh

        • Will Moog


    • Alexandra

      wait what show was this?!?! i have to know haha

      • Paul C Hannon

        Seriously? PeeWee's Playhouse noobs!

        Oh yeah, AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

      • Dionicio Orozco

        im early 90's and I KNOW THIS!

  • 6655321

    #1 was taken in the summer of 2000 in Montana. Nearby me some where, forget exactly where. Doesn't really belong with the others.

    • Johnny Two Toes

      Pretty sure it's in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Clarks Fork River I believe.

    • dub

      It was taken in my back yard yesterday.

      Totally worth the death and destruction for the shot.

      • dub

        Such a good shot.

        • that guy

          Bitterroot River taken from HWY 93, Sula, MT.

          • that guy

            Also, the Flathead River runs through the Bob Marshall, starts in it acutally, not the Clark Fork.

  • @RawDogThatShit

    wow, i was born in '89 and i still remember having these as a hand me downs in the mid 90's…..if i could i would probably still use half of that stuff today

  • Pufffdragon

    #23 Back in the day when you didn't have to update your system every few months, clean your games constantly, fixing faulty dvd lasers & getting yellow and red ring of death shit.
    Fucking rock solid machine!!

    • Mike

      I still have mine from the early 90s. Still runs great, play NBA jam every now and then. My last ps3 lasted just enough to get out of warranty. What the hell happened?

    • ryan

      I'd still vote the NES as the most solid system. If all else failed, just stick a few tape cases and have the cartridge held down and that shit would play no matter what.

      • MarQ

        if the game didn't work just blow into it to get the dust out. worked everytime

        • Ramennov

          And if that didn't work, blow into the console. Problem solved.

    • KyleGamgee

      About the best thing in the whole world.

    • codvip

      Back in the day, consoles made YOU blow, now the consoles blow.

      • bramer

        my aunt still has one up and running played zelda for a while on the last family reunion

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #5 #8 #10 #14 #21 were pretty much my childhood. good times
    cheers, beers

  • PokePoke

    #4 prehistorik , such an epic , epic game.

    Run around, refridgerator falls on your head
    Smash fridge, bears come out
    Smash bears, popsicles come out, collect

    • Stefano

      Hmmm, I think its real name was JOE & MAC: CAVEMAN NINJA, but I guess it depends on the Country you live in.

      • tisan

        #4 was JOE & MAC: CAVEMAN NINJA, Prehistorik was another game, but it was fucking epic too

  • Rachael

    Is #19 DZ (discovery zone)?!? I had so many parties here. as a child of mainly the '90s (born in 1988) i can relate to 90% of the stuff here

    • Rachael

      sorry, #18

      • Irelevant

        i grew up in the 80's and we didn't have no stinking "Discovery Zone" we did play some laser tag in 87 though

        • Breast Inspector

          Fuckin A….I wanted Lazer tag so bad…and when I got it for Chirstmas…it was so awesome.

  • Friendo

    This made me really happy, then really sad.

  • bbqboobs

    #5 That gum was horrible, yet so good!

    • Irelevant

      Ewww, the gum was BAD it was hard and crusty

    • RicoSan80

      HAHA Half the time one eye would be halfway down the face.

  • Mike

    Back when kids didn't spend their entire childhoods playing video games.

  • ryan

    man i'm getting old

  • Holly Sands

    #25 Man, I was obsessed with these things. These and slinkies.

    • Will Moog

      Koosh Balls were the best!

    • wut? o_0

      I walked by a big ass warehouse last night and decided to Google them to see what they do…..This was the ONLY product they sell. Brilliant.

      • dub

        It's time to ransack that bitch.

    • MikeyMate

      Has anyone else noticed the random blue string in the orange set?

    • codvip

      KOOOOSH!!! The third best thing to hold in your hand!

  • sully23

    #2. Who still remembers the crossfire commercial song? Crossfire! You'll get up in the, CROSSFIRE!

    • Irelevant

      IDK the song but i got one of these for Christmas it was like Christmas 1989 i wanna say but i played THE SHIT outta this thing

    • quintus

      I still remember at the end where the kid who won was fist pumping saying, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" I cannot unremember that scene.

    • Patricio

      I "remember" the song. I always used to, and still do, say "Crossfire! *mumble*, *mumble*, *mumble*, Crossfire!"

    • codvip

      BEST BOARD GAME EVER. Period. If you disagree, then I have socks older than you.

  • @mr_joshwa

    #14 that DAMN battery light…

    • codvip

      LoL, I still remember playing at night in bed trying to see the damn screen from a table lamp.

  • chaz

    4,284 lines..but you probably never heard of it

  • Dunny_

    #7 no way……there's a BetaMax tape!!!!

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