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  • CocknBalls


    • RobBroad4th

      Nope. Your life is over.

    • ryan

      thumb them up and it will all end

    • joey

      cool story bro

  • Alan Whitaker

    oh man #6 is so awesome

  • RobBroad4th

    I think I could watch #8 and 11 all day.

  • whatevs

    Love the look at the end of #8

  • Whoa

    #8 Is it from a movie ? Which so ?

    • Mazooba

      The Initiation of Sarah, had to look it up

      it's some made for tv abcfamily crap

      • rrrrright

        So that is as good as it gets?

  • mcsgwigga

    #5 – So simple, yet so effective!

    • BigDingo

      Imagine yourself in the middle and replace the football with….

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        …a large banana split ice cream sundae. delicious!

      • dub

        You might break your nose on some hard-ass boobs.

    • MikeyMate

      The black guys are dancin'!

  • luke

    #2 does anyone else think that guy looks like the burger king dude?

    • BigDingo


    • sully23

      It looks like Conan O'Brien

    • R-Dub

      You are banned from The Chive.

    • BobSugar


    • Phontsolo

      "that guy" huh?

    • dub

      I hope you're talking about the owl.

      Yes, as a matter of fact, the owl does look a bit like The King.

    • Brad

      google "howard eskin" he's a philly sports radio and tv guy, he looks like the BK King…

      • JMikeH

        Holy sh!t

    • Henrik

      Are yoo mental in the face?

    • Michael Miller

      by "that guy" you mean conan o'brien. Shame on you sir.

    • sarahlee

      by "that guy" you mean Conan O'Brian? You sir, are a tool. Get educated.

  • Israeli_Rob

    MOAR of #11

    • El BrandO

      God Bless the Spanish channels.

      • Netoward

        Mexican, bro 🙂

  • alate

    #11 Aracely Arambula, u're welcome 😉

  • Airman

    #8 is Summer Glau

    • Phondo

      This makes up for all those hover hands.

    • Maynard B.

      Tight sweaters ROCK!

    • @chattphotos

      If anyone doesn't know who Summer Glau is by now, they should be shot

    • Kyle Bartley

      No Shit Sherlock…

      • nom nom

        Alas, I long for the days of Firefly…

        • JMikeH

          Re-runs on the Science channel.

        • its_forge

          'Course, Summer's chest is a lot bigger now than it was on Firefly, ahem

    • V4vendetta14

      Anybody recognize what show/movie this is from? Summer looks awesome!!!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #7 hip cat is hip, not hipster

    • gtr

      Freaking hillarious!

  • dude

    In Russia, hoop dunks you

    • ryan


      • @chattphotos

        ryan, dude got it right, In russia hoop dunks you!

  • Vince Weaver

    #6 Dog's name is Chet.
    Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire….

  • davey

    looked painful

    • ryan

      the express lane to the kitchen. she learned her lesson

  • Pants

    #11 The chive has turned my mere interest in women's asses into a full blown obsession.

    • This is Me, eh?

      Welcome to the Habitat.

    • P90

      So you're a crack addict?

      • Philo

        BAWHAHAHAHA…..that makes me a crack addict as well

  • Bob

    #2 Goddamn I hate that ginger

    • john

      agreed, he is a total ass hat

      • A box

        You both suck

        • joey


    • Phontsolo


      • dub

        I don't know whether you get an up thumb or a down thumb. Can you elaborate?

  • Maynard B.

    #11- Sweet.

  • TylerV

    #2 TEAM COCO!

    • GingerHater

      Fuck team COCO

  • Anon

    Kinda lame today, Chive

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    #5 .I wouldn't mind if that ball was my head
    #6. Like a boss
    #7 Step aside bro.Let us see those boobies
    #8.Just with a litlle touch she felt that way? I wonder how it would be when she's coming(U)
    #10. LOL
    #11. Thank you princess.You're hotter than hell

    • Mike

      I didn't laugh at a single one of those comments

  • Avi

    #4 had me LMAO!!

    • CuriousGeorge

      Instant invincibility music started playing in my head. Funny.

  • Choad

    #3 Finish Him

  • Nicnac

    #3 concussion? broken nose? broken orbital? brain damage?

  • stickeys

    Holy Hell, just enough cushion for the pushin'.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    oh I bet LOL..

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