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  • fng

    Chive y u say it gifs take second to load. I wait seconds and still no load. u lye to us.

  • V4vendetta14

    #11, is 50 a reference to the size of her ass? Beautiful girl, though…


    #11 aracely on the chive!! that makes me kind of proud of being mexican lol
    shes from my town, to beutiful girl

  • Jessica Condrey

    #10 Well, at least her face broke her fall

  • Bob

    #8 is my perfect woman!!!!!!!!!!!

  • its_forge

    #8 You haff touched the breastesses of Summer Glau. Do it again and your life is forfeit.
    #11 Holy crap that's a ridiculously pretty woman.

  • Sugreev2001

    #11 Well…FIND HER !

  • Carlos SLB


  • test


  • Eric

    If he was out, he wouldn't have put his arms forward a bit to break his fall. He would have hit face first. His arms would have stayed down by his side. Been in and seen enough fights to see what happens when the brain "goes to sleep" for a short time. :-/ I hope he is ok.

  • Steve

    #8 is from the Initiation of Sarah check it out on youtube


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