• vol. firefighter

    1:30 is the why i can't understand what these guys are doing on the roof while there a fire right under them. We wouldn't do that.

    • vol. firefighter

      Safety first!

    • EnragedGonad

      Ah yes, that my sir is called ventilation. It allows for the gasses to be vented for and interior attack to be a little safer and be able to have greater visibility during said attack.

      • EnragedGonad

        However, during this exercise the fire may ventilate itself.

      • vol. firefighter

        Well I'm from Germany and our tactitcs are very different to the US guys. Also the buildings are different in their construction. We ventilate too, but we would never step on that rooftop when the fire is so near allready. We make this from our ladder.

        A vulunteer FF.

    • NVP

      Well a vollie wouldnt do that because by the time they got their, it would be in the basement. Guess you dont really know anything about venting then. Ya know that whole thing about how heat goes up. Get the heat out of the building so your engine guys can get to the fire and put it out quickly.

      Vollie FF's. Saving foundations all across America.

  • ss396maxx

    As a Fire Fighter I have to say two things. First … I agree FireFighter are awesome Secondly …. Metallica is not cheesy

  • awesomeniss

    those guys are crazy i would not get that close to a fire(well possobly) . you would think that the lader would get hot red or close because it was right in the fire for some of the video

  • Stephanie

    Hey all, from the FF that sgtseuged this post to begin with I say we try to get another going . request and thanks for the support and Firefighting love Edmonton Firefighter (coolbeans14@hotmail.ca)

  • EdmFF

    hey this is coolbeans14@hotmail.ca "the Edm FF"

    KCCO everybody, cool to see that theres some FF love out there!!!

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