Libya and Operation Odyssey Dawn (41 Photos)


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  • Greg

    You should put a dollar amount after each picture so we know how many teachers we have to layoff.

    • lolnonomous

      Wars cost a lot less money than social security and medicaid, just thought I would point that out. Also (without picking sides), some say a war for the freedom or at very least security/safety of people is worth more than any amount of money. Of course we have to face monetary issues sooner or later but it's hard to sit by and watch people die without doing something.

      • lolnonomous

        On a side note, my mother is a college professor that was laid off due to state budget cuts. She was able to find a new job though.

      • Greg

        Then why not bomb North Korea, China, Isreal, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc…? Social Security is completely paid for from our paychecks and is solvent and anyone who claims differently is a liar. Medicaid is fraud and payment problem. You and I pay for those programs so later in life we get what was promised to us. Wars aren't cheap. What we did yesterday alone would pay for health care for millions who need it for a year. There is absolutely no reason we should be anywhere until we clean our own house. 40,000 Americans die each year in this country because of lack of health care. That's a genocide.

      • mike

        great comment

      • your father

        yes sure, "helping people like in iraq"

  • Wilma Dikfit

    Someone may want to let those rebels know that tank is covered in depleted uranium.

  • Shawn

    Less than ten thousand Arabs dead for fighting against their regime, and the whole world is already invading the country. But 70 years ago, when six million Jews were brutally murdered, the world stood by and watched for years. If you say the real mission behind Odyssey Dawn is to protect civilians, then you are beyond wrong. It is all about a small three letter word: OIL. That's the reason for Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya.
    I know this will get six thousand thumbs down but its the truth. You will see.

    • ace

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. It's same reason reason why no one bothers to end the in-fighting in oil-less African republics. Another reason is that the first world nations do not want countries ruled by rogue dictators. They want a form of government that they can control so they supplant economic devours(ie. McDonald's, Coca Cola, Walmart) within.

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