A few more GIFS to help reduce your work productivity

  • DanielB

    #4 Is this the girl from community?

    • BigHate

      Yes. Alison Brie or "Annie" from community. Also, I'm in love.

    • https://www.facebook.com/marksantiagorea Mark Rea

      Yes. Allsion Brie. God she is so hot

    • ROK247

      is there some softcore out there we don't know about? i dont remember this scene from any episodes of community…

      • Malkintosh22

        It's from Atom.com . I forget what they called it but you can pretty much just google that shit.

    • Nunya


    • BSmike

      This is from a TV show called "Hot Sluts", believe it or not. A few good GIFs could be made from that show.

      • Anthony

        Chive, make it so!

    • Sick

      watermelons? 😛

    • BobSugar

      I can't tell… I don't make it past the sternum.

  • lolnonomous

    I know my friend would love #10

    • lolnonomous

      #8 i mean lolfail

    • Kyle Retrato

      You don't have any friends.

  • lovehurts

    #10 always my biggest fear when i do that..

    • Pookie

      I don't think the warranty on her implants cover shopping cart accidents.

    • Jak

      things that bou….ohhh

  • JPC

    #7 – Two girls, one cup reaction video?

    • AZbtchs


    • slayermanbob

      lol that made it so much better…

  • BigHate

    #4 I'm not sure what movie or show this is from but I can't stop watching. I can't get enough Alison Brie.

    • Jes

      its from a web mini-series, really only 4 episodes called "Hot Sluts" from Atom Films

      • BobSugar

        I was about to say… if that's from Community, I need to kick my own ass for missing that episode.

  • foshizzle

    #7 and #11 made my dai

    • GK-4

      who the hell is #11
      i don't get it

      • Jeremy

        Her name is Rebbecca Black, and she is the proud owner of the WORST music video ever made.

      • http://www.facebook.com/PhacePlant Nicholas Warner

        Sir, You Lose!!!!

  • Joe

    #5 Purple and black normally aren't distinguishable in a black and white setting

  • Israeli_Rob

    #4 is Alison Brie from Community
    #9 is Kim Kardashian. nom nom nom

  • colbs

    my day got better with every gif…(t)
    who is #9? so sexy

    • ReginaFilange

      You live under a rock, don't you? I envy you for not knowing who she is. You're better off, trust me.

      • Sick

        win. everyone else please give up for the day and come back tomorrow

    • luvkimsass

      anyone know where i can find the full vid?


    I got a a good laugh.

    • Tyler

      dude worst song ever, if you can call that a "song"

  • Jake

    #9 nothing we haven't seen before kim!

    • yo yo da

      she just can't get that phat ass in those jeans!

  • bbqboobs

    I usually don't find Kim Kardashian all that hot, but I'm gonna need some napkins.

    • bbqboobs


  • chrisdg74

    #9 – Kim Kardashian. Om nom nom.

  • Jim

    #8 beats trying to catch it in a plastic container

  • Hopkins

    #12 The same was in "The World's Fastest Indian"

    • Boris

      Why is this thumbed down? Hopkins is right. It is a good movie.

  • Starkad

    #8 Gotta get me one of those..

  • MRBlonde83

    We get it, Kim has a giant ass. Alison Brie >> Kim Kardashian!

    • ReginaFilange

      No question about that.

  • the scottish stoner

    them boobs over wieghed her a bit much #10

  • EastSidePaul

    #8 is my new hero!!

  • RiKo

    #3 Agent Smith's reaction to #6

  • Killin' Time @ Work

    # 2 – Ahh "Top Secret" — Val Kilmer's best movie, it's classic

  • BeccaB86

    #10 – She's got road rash on her tits now.

  • WolfP

    #2 so we get the picture 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Moweed-Alin/100000488587634 Moweed Alin

    10# She is OK due to her bewbs

    • Ravienne_Cullen


  • STR - Jon

    Although Kardashian is VERY outplayed, you cant really downplay a video of a girl trying to fit her ass into pants 😀 #9

    • http://thechive.com/ Turduckenn

      I would have a better chance of visiting your website If I randomly stumbled upon it than you advertising it on thechive. douche

      • STR - Jon

        400+ others must not have your view on things…

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