Brevity is the soul of lingerie (30 photos)

  • Anonymous

    all of a sudden my zipper hurts !!!!

  • Roger

    28 is by far the sexiest. Beautiful lips, beautiful breasts and a beautiful bra. And the jewelry sets it all off. I bet she is wearing nice perfume too!

  • Zach

    ^ nice touch with the perfume

  • Ivica

    Our kids are already in a full-day seructurtd daycare so the transition will be essentially same routine, different building. And for us, the two big decision-making factors is having the kids at the same school (i.e. only one morning drop off) and $$ full day JK means an increase in our household income by thousands of dollars, so waiting a year financially it just doesn’t make sense.Kids develop at different speeds in different areas, and the spread of development and maturity across a class room will always be shifting, and isn’t necessarily dependent on what month kids are born in. Both my girls are ahead of their peers in some areas, and behind in others. This isn’t something we are worrying about.

  • nele


  • tach

    I can go buy a mag to see these. Guess I will stick to the DAR instead of this, since we can't seem to get Chivettes.

  • Nique

    every single one is gorgeous… but one question, where are the CHIVETTES in lingerie????

  • Neil

    Thank you from NZ

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