In case you missed the rare “Super Moon” on Saturday (20 photos)

Saturday, March 19 2011 witnessed the largest moon in 18 years. Pretty spectacular site if you saw it.

  • salverai

    that's why that raging lunatic cut me off on Saturday night.

    • DCMOFO

      He was probably distracted by his satellite radio.

    • KyleGamgee



      • coolguy


        didn't get that until you pointed it out.

  • fibonacci5150

    looked the same to me : /

    • eclipze

      Yeah it didn't look so different from my location. I live in Singapore, almost on the equator.

      • DistractedIndividual

        Looked about the same here in Colorado….

        • Pete Ribaudo

          same here in indiana as well…

        • Malkintosh22

          And Alberta.

  • gifted_beatnik

    Inter-planetary Hover Hand…almost there.

  • Wolfram

    Looks awesome, unfortunately I completely forgot about it. Although I suppose it's still pretty close only 2 days later…

    • aosux

      Most likely it would not have looked any bigger than usual depending on where you live.

  • Larry Talbot

    I can't remember anything from that night, I must have blacked out…

  • davey

    the end is near.

    Hump Day that is!!!!!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    dudes, where's the three wolves and moon tshirt? you cant have a moon gallery without that

    cheers *downs another beer*

  • Jack

    "Pretty spectacular site if you saw it."
    *sight This is the second post in a row with wrong spelling, did the Chive fail english at school?

    • scientist

      maybe their talking about this web*site* page, have yea seen it yet there grammar fagggit ?

      • Benjamin Gleicher

        "their" & "fagggit"

        dear "scientist,"

        i hope you study ironyology.

  • Yeahbeer

    All of them are excellent pictures.

  • hmmm

    where is the majora's mask moon? chive fail

  • Corey

    I see #19 and all I can think about is that (sorta) cheat code when you shoot the moon with a sniper rifle in GTA3…

    • TitoRigatoni

      What? I didn't know about that. Damn, now i gotta dig out my copy of GTA3…

    • Luiz

      Works on GTA Vice City too.

  • This Guy

    These pictures are just plain awesome!

  • bisketz

    Wicked pics!

  • Mac the Intern

    #9 my friend Eric took this picture with his iPhone

    • scientist

      he took his iphone to space with him?? … bet he gets maddd signal out there

  • STR - Jon

    I saw part of it, but then proceeded to forget about it.

  • scientist

    almost all of them look shopped. is the moon really that big and red (even with the whole bending of the light spectrum and shit) and THAT close to the earth. i mean i saw it, wasnt too too specatular then any other full moon.

  • Jeovanna Drapac

    These are simply amazing!! It definitely looked beautiful that night!!

  • Doc Icetea

    "No! Bad Moon! Bad! Go back to your orbit!"

  • Moreno


  • Diana Santos

    i saw it saturday…it was brighter :p

    • Master

      That's the only difference I noticed. Looked like pretty much the same in size to me.

  • The Guy

    Yup, it's from my apartment.

  • My_Rushmore

    It was so cloudy on Saturday we didn't get to see it in Belfast, those pictures are amazing though.

  • imbrovvn

    What exactly causes the moon to look bigger? This is an awesome post by the way. I didn't get to see it… So, Kudos!

    • luca

      look bigger? being closer than usual might do the trick.

  • MikeJco

    You really get the scope in #14, breath taking!

    • Guest

      That's no moon…

  • Nazz1962

    Chive, ya missed it! At the end of this post, I kinda expected a sweet tush pic, or worse 😉

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