Hot Right Now: Glitter boobs are here to outshine your puny glitter buns (30 Photos)

It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (33 Photos)

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  • gbody

    #7 I don't see anything…

    • Seannerz

      The kid's hand…

  • Mac

    Thanks for linking to memebase chive!

  • mcdice

    who the fuck is she?

    • Seannerz

      Her name is Becca Black and her song "Friday" is an unparalleled aural holocaust.

      • jessie

        thanks was driving me nuts wondering who the hell she was

      • PelMAN420

        This song made me feel bad. Ruined my mood. What a terribly annoying voice. 😦

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  • RebeccaB

    WTF is wrong with you people? This song is the best song ever. And for your information, she's only 13. She's probably more talented than most of you. Get a life.

    • Pufffdragon

      Yeah, best song ever if you are like 9 yrs old.
      Seriously, R2D2 sounds less robotic than this bitch.
      Holy shit!.. I'm lost for words after watching the clip on youtube.

      • RebeccaB

        W/e. You are probably just jealous of her success. And if she is so bad, why is she getting so popular and famous? Idiot. You should get your ears checked.

        • agent6

          Haha I think it's funny that you're name is "RebeccaB"
          Same "Rebecca Black" who wrote that terrible song?

    • Mr Milk

      RebeccaB – I like your style.

  • kualjo

    #24 is a paper bag? I thought it was an industrial size garbage bag. I mean, look what's in it.

  • Kilroy


  • @chattphotos

    #29 SPRM short for Supreme! dümmkopf!

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  • ...

    Awwwww you mean you have to stay in your hotels for more than 6 months?

    Join the real man's military.

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  • PFC

    …Trust me. True warriors (soldiers, marines) deploy for 12-15 months. Airmen don't know what that's like.

  • shane
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