Tiger woods has a new girlfriend and she’s… (5 Photos)

Tiger has been seeing a 22-year-old student named Alyse Lahti Johnston from Cleveland, Ohio.
The two have reportedly been seeing each other for a few months and have been spotted on Woods' yacht, "The S.S. Poon".

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    She's from Cleveland, what do you expect?? ZING!!

  • BeccaB86

    It's not always about looks, and with the exception of the mug shot (as with anyone's), she really not bad looking. Maybe she's cool with him getting breakfast at the Wafflehouse every once in a while.

  • rsdna

    So…does she waitress at IHOP or Denny's?

  • bless1

    f-n hagg!!

  • Wakethefuckup

    Um, are any of you idiots awake today? #3 is the most obvious shop I have EVER seen. This post is junk.

  • johnny

    His ex-wife must have been pretty awful. Look at the women he has gone to since her. They are all pretty average looking.

  • cincyO

    Guess she will put up with his sh*t…definitely a step down from swedish model….would have thought he could have done better….Hell Pete Rose has done better and he is a 70 year old broke ex con….

  • been

    But if a white person made the initial comment that was spelled wrong doesn't that make your sweeping generalization incorrect? Obviously not all white people love rules or there wouldn't be the spelling mistakes in the first place. Go troll elsewhere.

  • ashley_e_love

    guys really stick to their types

  • Spence

    what a retard

  • http://TheChive.com Drewcifer

    #1 Anyone think she is darker than he is? She is ok, but the orange tan is FAIL.

    • Bobby Klobber

      Shes not darker…..shes just dirty.
      Which is just how he likes them……dirty and looking for cash.

  • northerner

    #3, really cute Husky pup! #5, yeah, Tiger is a moron. Major fail. Elin is a gorgeous woman. Can't buy the possibility that she was a bitch to live with. No. He bleeped up with that one. Big time.

  • Noob

    must have been a white person writing this, it's sooo long

  • tierni

    hes a fucking stupid boy.. lost everything he had over some nasty ran thru pussy… what a dipshit

  • Sal

    Downgrade for sure

  • Proud'merican

    There is so much I want to write, but at the same time, I don't want to look like a total douche, so I will just say this…don't correct someone's spelling when you can't spell either. It's that easy.

  • alister

    way to scrape the bottom of the barrel, tiger..

  • todd

    #4, #5… looks like golf isn't his only game that isn't up to par anymore…

    • SeaBassEX


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Billy-ONeill/1370730059 Billy O'Neill

    Shes very…………. okay at best

  • http://blog.alexjustesen.com alex.justesen

    well done tiger…. get at em

  • test
  • Anonymous

    He’s got himself a real winner here.

  • Zander

    Tiger loves the girls of UNH. First Rachel Uchitel and now this chick. Dude should come up and party here. This years crop is ten times hotter than those two. It's great to go to school in NH this year

  • Nomyia

    After seeing this I'm thinking that he does have a type. They look very much alike.

  • ALA

    Is that from meet "Meth Faces" page? …see Google images.

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