Hot Right Now: Creative Tinder bios will get you a long way (21 Photos)

When it comes to ‘Find Her’, we got voted team Captain (32 Photos)

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The following are the girls the Chivers want to see MOAR of. One problem, nobody knows who they are. If you have a name and MOAR pics, just email your chick knowledge to theCHIVE and we'll post them in our 'Found'.

  • kké

    #27 is the epic meal time girl, ask Harley Morenstein on facebook about her name🙂

  • Forrest Herron

    #28 Seriously somebody needs to find this girl, she might just be perfect.

  • @MadFollowBack

    #1 – Jentina

    Do a google search for her or for her + drumming and you will find a ton more pics. The video doesn't seem to exist anymore.

    Suggestion – Jentina Gallery

  • ryan

    she deserves her on HQ post for sure. i recommend Hump Day……

  • Yammer95

    #6 is Eva/Iga Wrywal. She has modeled for Nuts Magazine and Playboy. Some incredible tits and that woman.

  • landshark1989

    Fuck the blonde in the second pic. FIND THE BRUNETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adonis Smith

    Have to disagree with Frank on number 31. Much better as a blond.

  •ícolas-Affonso/1022812373 Nícolas Affonso

    #3 is the reason why I breathe

  • Anonymous

    #6 is a nuts girl. Eva Wrahl or something like that

  • idunno

    #2 I'l order the small one on the right, thanks.

  • Brian Freedman

    #28 Ahh that's easy, it's Misty.

  • kiwus

    I believe #6 is Iga Wyrwal

  • Shapsters

    Ok guys please help me, I must find this lovely lady's name so I can see more of her

    I'm desperate.

    • Greg

      Stacy Keibler

      • Shapsters

        Gah fantastic.

        Thank you so very much sir

  • Anonymous

    #4 is little caprice, this is probably the only SFW photo of her

  • PianoFingers

    … and it's at least 4th time she's been found in a "Find Her" round. Can we move on now?

  • Ryan T.

    Yes for the love of God, find #1 and #3. PLEASE!!!!

  • the frenchman

    yes more of #13

  • derp


    Taryn Southern, if I'm not mistaken.

  • @mr_joshwa

    #28 might be Lucy Daily. Don't google her at work, lol

  • bdizzle

    Also had cancer. Tough hot chick

  • AdamBaldick

    Jamie Eason is a sexy little thing

  • Rufis

    # 25

    Amanda Landry

  • shelbymac

    Here you go guys…
    Happy fapping!

  • alp

    #2- find that little red head while you're at it

  • Anonymous

    #6 is Iga (Eva) Wyrwal

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