Daily Afternoon-ish Randomness (47 Photos)

Hey Chivers,

Some of you might have noticed some glitches on theCHIVE today. We had some minor issues with our server and couldn't access our back end for a spell. But the wizards over at Wordpress got it taken care of and we're back, baby. So without further adieu, I give you a better-late-than-never DAR...

Chive On,


  • Brent Verwymeren

    NO DAR YET??? Refresh! damn… refresh…damn… refresh…damn…(five hours later) refresh…F**K YEA!

    • Lisa

      Uh huh. Accessing your "back end" huh John? Sure. If that's your story…lol

      #30 & #47 make up for it though…mostly.

      Congrats to the new Mom-to-be. Hopefully there'll be Berry pictures at some point. Side note, awesome that y'all sent her a zip of the DAR. Way to keep the hormonal gestating female calm. 😉

      • Seth

        Aaaa instant stress reliever seeing DAR posted, oh and read #23 backwards.

        • Fritzgerald

          I laughed way to hard at #23 ^^

        • nonchalant bear

          i'm not sure why it's that funny backwards, but it is.

    • PWNT

      I've watched 6 DVR'd Tosh.0 episodes in the last 2 days. Amazing.

  • andy lancer

    I never realized how hopelessly addicted to the dar I was until it didn't come.

    Oh, and #38 seems nice.

    • Wolfram

      Too bad it's only showing us the FD and not the AU.

    • http://www.facebook.com/luis.happy14 Arauz Luis

      same here same here……

    • Northman

      #15 also nice. WANT!

  • Elena

    #13 – This is why I love the Chive.

    • dave32891

      #4 is why I love it. It makes me realize I'm not the only one that thinks certain things

    • dan

      yeah, it really reminds you that there is not some big indifferent corporation behind the wheel at the chive. The chivers actually give a damn.

      • Paula

        Yeah, that was cool.


    • Huss M. Naamani

      what is dar????

  • Brad

    #40 – Mesmerizing. I could watch this one all night.
    #47 – Nice POV

    • PointBlank_

      #36 that eye

      • Bababooey

        "couldn't access our back end for a spell. " Giggity.

        • Rocky IV

          #30 is how every guy expects a TV show to go

  • Greenerbluesq

    We take these things for granted until they do not appear, thanks for always keeping us on our toes!

    • IamWhoIam

      Where does the gif of #30 come from? looks like an interesting show/movie/skit

      • Stevo

        Olivia Munn – The Lesbionic Woman, can't remember where it's from

        • V4vendetta14

          She was awesome on G4's Attack of the Show. A lot of funny skits. Her in a french maid costume jumping into pudding… her shoving a dozen hot dogs in her mouth… She made out with Alan Thick on one for what seemed like forever, that lucky bastard….

      • Rory
  • spark

    #30 made perfect sense to me

    • http://www.facebook.com/Managua.Green Miguel Ruvalcaba

      Oldest trick in the book.

  • Brazzers

    #4 Wait…its not?

    • mordifie

      😦 its not?????

      • Don_Aguelo

        Is there an echo in here?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Mayner/704864571 Josh Mayner

    whom ever is dating 46 is a dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nik-McKnight/668311411 Nik McKnight

      She should be the next Chivette of the Week.

    • august west

      not that I'm defending him, she's smoking, but as has been said "for every hot girl out there, there's a guy who's sick of her."

      • [clevernamehere]

        Exactly. Maybe she is so f*cking shallow and vapid that he has been avoiding her in order to keep his sanity. Not saying she is!!!…..Just….well…..it's hard to know.

        Either way, she's smoking hot and should have no trouble snagging a new one in no time flat. Maybe he has some better pictures of her stored on his phone that he would like to share with the rest of the class?……

      • Wavien

        Was just about to say that.. My first though when I saw the pictures of her was that she is hot, sure.. But that's not all, she may be a bitch, there is a reason her ex said so.

      • Country Boy

        Did you people ever think that maybe the reason #46 is being a complete bitch and breaking up with him in a horrendously public way is that he cheated on her or is a complete dick to her or (insert any number of other reasons here).

    • GK-4

      correction Josh,
      Whoever WAS dating her

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Arabian/786440649 Chris Arabian

      I agree, with both sides of the argument. She is smoking hot and a lot of men would put up with SOME bitchiness to be with her, but for all we know she could be a psycho, or overly self centered, or materialistic and he had enough of her.

      I'm willing to put up with a BIT of psychosis in a woman, actually prefer a woman to be a bit, touched in the head, but there comes a point in life where finding furry animals boiling on my stove gets a bit too much, know what I mean?

      • Haterade

        her chive post supports the psycho theory.

      • JHL1

        mmmmmm boiling animals

    • Your Mom

      Who breaks up with their boyfriend by posting a picture on The Chive? She obviously knows she's smoking hot and she obviously is a cold hearted snake. If you ask me, she's doing the guy a favor… Good luck with your daddy issues sweetheart, but thanks for sharing your pics!

      • GI Joe

        Never date anyone that's crazier than yourself…..

  • jetrome

    Thank you Chive. Was going nuts w/o DAR

    • GK-4

      Crisis Averted

  • joshdyk87

    Holy Shit. Finally!!!

  • Dagoth Wit

    Daily Evening Randomness?

    • bobo

      it would be Daily Midnight Randomness in Atlantic Canada

  • Frank

    #26 – Do I have to ask? MOAR!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Arabian/786440649 Chris Arabian

      Oh my god she is smoking hot. HOT HOT HOT.

  • disturbed

    Almost didn't make it through the evening. I can go to bed now…

  • Kenai

    #47 how did you get that shot?!?

    • duh

      it's her ass

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-LePla/100001001554365 Justin LePla

      i couldn't tell if it was a boob or butt shot at first.. either way nice!

    • do it

      best. shot. ever.

    • hannah

      who cares how she got it, it's wonderful. must try this myself..

      • Jimmy

        yes you should, and post it 🙂 Ass cleavage is going to be a new trend i believe.

    • BentWrenches

      I was sitting on the back of her head

    • Poontangler

      Ever told an ass crack a scary story?

    • luis_pedro_sato

      I like this shot !!
      I am thinking wallpaper material

  • fibonacci5150

    THEY gave'er DAAAAAAAAR back >_<

  • TJRev

    I can finally exhale.

  • Matt


    • Poontangler

      You know they make light beer, right?

      • RiHugh

        This chick has a permanent lean. If you lay her on her belly she probably rocks back and forth.

  • John

    Thanks for your patience, y'all. I have to say some of your emails were hilarious. One thing I noticed, of all the 'where is my DAR' emails I received, they were all in good fun and pretty funny.

    Michael Thommes – You owe me a lifetime supply of Sour Patch Kids for getting the DAR live

    Forlay1422 – You owe me your little brother

    Samantha – You owe me that one photo you never shared with anybody and I'm expecting at least half a nipple

    Chive on

    • riley

      john, so when you went to the playboy mansion, were there any chicks topless there? i didn't see any but i suspect there were?!

      • John

        At first everybody had their clothes on. But the mansion had bars everywhere. It was about an hour before the first top came off and two hours later there was a lot of silicon running around. It was all Leo and I could do to just keep it together. So yeah, it was everything you dream it could be.

        • Jimmy

          thank you for confirming my hopes and dreams.

    • joshdyk87

      And the grotto, during the day it seemed a little too tame… you should post a link to your less chive rated pictures…

    • Claire


      Let me just say THANK YOU for making my gap within a gap approved by many.

      We need to go deeper.

      • Anakrusix

        Why are you thanking theChive? We thank YOU for submitting an awesome/creative photo!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-LePla/100001001554365 Justin LePla

          i concur

      • Jimmy

        No,No…THANK YOU.

    • Claire

      Actually… appreciated is better than approved.

      • ranD

        do you plan to submit more?

        • Claire

          I think so. =)

          • BentWrenches

            I think you should…

            • Jimmy

              I second this statement.

              • KyleGamgee

                All in Favor say "Aye"

                • Jeff


                  • http://www.facebook.com/acasinas Alfred Casinas Jr

                    Aye x2

                    • Wavien

                      Aye x3

                    • Whomp Whomp


                    • http://www.facebook.com/Dangerfield88 David Rice Holt IV

                      Aye x the amount of minus votes this guy gets

                    • dub



                    • Blindsp0t

                      "Which one means yes?"

                    • TrollFaceKillah


                • http://twitter.com/24gino @24gino


                  • Billy

                    Fuck ya chive rules troll on. AYE

  • Manimal-Style

    I want to live in this moment for, like, another 15 minutes.

  • ClariseStarling

    #12 wins at life.

    hello, #46.

    • Jeff

      I wouldn't mind saying hello to her in person

    • floscar

      #12 Yes Chive, you know what you have to do.

    • pleaseeee

      omg, MOAR!! #12 pleaseeee

  • Lousy Canadian

    I am now as of this mioment, sane!

  • Anonymous

    #27 "Yo dawg can I grab a couple of your fries?" Shits on fries.

    • Brad

      "Yo, you mind if I eat a couple of your fries? Invites 50 of his friends who eat all your fries"

    • Poontangler

      "Yo you mind if I borrow a few of em fries?" Gives you the flu.

    • Bruce Bonsai

      Scumbag Steve: YO man can have some of your fries?

      [ takes some fries before you can answer back ]

      You: Ummmm . . . . . sure.

      [ ackwardly continue eating lunch ]

      • IronEagle119

        Y U eat lunch with Steve?

  • Kris

    I gotta give props for at least acknowledging the fact the DAR was late by naming it "afternoon-ish"

    Kinda cool tho.. reminds me that it really is only a small team of cool people running this bitch.. and they got lives too.

    • Kris

      Well shit. I posted that before i actually started viewing the post, and read that it was server trouble.

  • lynal

    know that awesome feeling when you were a kid and your parents let you stay up late to watch a christmas special? that's kind of how i feel right now

  • lolnonomous

    I guess i'm weird if I admit to doing this with my cat once #41 and #46 is so harsh/cold.

    • SammieRose

      Nah. Perfect way to show him what he's gonna be missing.

      • HardCore Mike

        He knows what he is missing… and it has nothing to do with her looks. Bad call to do this on the Chive. Reminds me of that pic of the hot chick with the caption; "Remember: Somewhere someone is totally fed up wit her bullshit."

    • Dadspuns

      UMMMMM! Guess you would have to weird if you were eating your cat ('s a$$hole), check last pic bottom right, #41

      • Jimmy

        lol same exact thought.

      • lolnonomous

        oh god, I didn't notice that O.o EWW. I didn't do that, i swur!

        • Jimmy


      • DerkaDo

        "What??? Why not? You do it to your cat?"

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