If you could only add one mail order bride to cart, which one would it be? (31 Photos)

Everybody has got their hobbies. Mine happens to be fantasy shopping for Ukrainian mail order brides. There's a new batch of 'em out this week and I have it narrowed down to about 30 hopefuls. If browsing did turn to buying, which one would you add to cart?

  • andy


    • Jimbo

      Agreed. She looks like Katie Holms.

      • That Guy

        with out a side smile blocking half her face. i saw her and didn't have to look any further.. but i did. ha.

    • Downtowndave

      Good lord !

    • IllicitWeaponry

      I went to the site…….they are currently out of stock.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      I wonder how many of these women are forced into this? Just sayin….

    • patov40

      Damn, she was my first choice! Guess the bidding war is about to begin…..or I could just "settle" for #3.

  • Nick702

    can I be selfish and pick #2 and #14

    • facebook

      #6 #6 #6 #6 #6 #6 #6 #6 #6 xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benjamin-Dennison/15100627 Benjamin Dennison

    #22 She already knows her place

    • tharr

      in the kitchen AND doing the laundry perrrrrfect

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benjamin-Dennison/15100627 Benjamin Dennison

        and on her knees 😉

    • aosux

      Seems like she has her shit together. *adds to cart

    • Eyoo

      does anyone else find it weird that the laundry machine is where the dishwasher should be?


      Does she comes separately or do i get her on bulk buy Of that awesome laundry washer !

  • Sauru

    #7 is the girl for me

  • Bill


    • HaterAid

      Same Here, Brah

    • TheDarkKnight

      Definitely #5

      • fng

        oh yes #5 me likey lots

    • falacer

      ditto #5 does it for me

  • oh4fuckssake


    • http://theanisette.com Daris

      Agreed. Looks like she'd be a Chivette.

    • david

      That pic was taking here in Panama City Beach at Tootsies. Guess she got shipped back.

    • Rere

      She is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wztarheel

    #7 Would be my choice.

  • Ken

    This is a toughy… my vote is for #6

    • s k i t a

      Vote for #6…

      • comefindme

        i starred at this photo for atleast 5 min,

  • Jason

    #4 is a Clingon, all others are hot though

  • Dirty Dingus

    Get that bitch a kitchen…
    Bitches had better love a kitchen.

    • JstevensF

      Dirty Dingus Y u no learn meme properly?

  • Tits_McGee

    #16 Just looks like a good time

    • danstucky

      I would taker her to pleasure town and do her on a rainbow while riding a unicorn.. or at least try too.

  • ricky


    • Jay


  • HankT

    #30…gorgeous eyes

    • Jorge V.

      Yup, this one does it for me too

    • ostrichman1985

      No question, totally agree

  • Cam

    No question. #30

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    #6 would be my pick if.

  • dijit
  • Tom

    marry #19, f #23, kill #4

    • osirisoflight

      weird… my name is Tom as well and i was about to post the same thing.

  • greg

    stuck between #14 and #27

    • Mutt

      and wouldn't it be fun to be stuck between them…..

  • Kris

    All of them. I want a Harem. Because Opulence. I haz it.

  • MSNardi84

    While #7 is nice i have to go with #18

  • Lord Tang

    I'll take them all! I'm rich, beotch!

  • b_ryan

    chive…. y u no let me choose more than one?

    #7 #16 and #18 all perfect

  • Rick

    I'm thinking #13 or #27

    • rdh014

      #13 Oh, hell yes…

  • hrebie

    There are no black ones.

    • ThereRNoRed1sEither

      Because thats exactly what I think of when I think eastern Europe.

    • Lev

      In Soviet Russia, ones black you.

    • its_forge

      Nobody ever had any reason to travel Northwards from the Mediterranean coast into Eastern Europe. When you live in the sun you don't migrate toward the snow.

    • whatwhatinthebutt

      thats because even black dudes like white women

    • Underhill


  • John

    #5 and or #7 for me depending on price but something tells me I would either pay up front or on the way out either one.

    • Maverick

      You have excellent taste, and good business sense

    • NotaTrap

      Amen brother….those two chicks make me want to "add to cart" in the same way I just "added" to my keyboard.

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