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If you could only add one mail order bride to cart, which one would it be? (31 Photos)

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Everybody has got their hobbies. Mine happens to be fantasy shopping for Ukrainian mail order brides. There's a new batch of 'em out this week and I have it narrowed down to about 30 hopefuls. If browsing did turn to buying, which one would you add to cart?

  • Sandwiches1123

    #5…load her up. If she is unavailable, please send #18

  • lidalida

    #29 no doubt

  • Jared Ward

    I'm pretty sure i could pick one out of a hat and be happy with the selection.

  • Ken

    I have to go with #2 – she looks like a fun woman to be around after the sex.🙂

  • emo


  • laelow

    Oh My Lord #12.

  • Jon


  • bozcada

    30 is mine


    #22 – if she's so hot in the kitchen just imagine what she's like in bedroom!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    It was a really tough choice when it came down to the final three for me. 5, 6, and 18 where the tough ones. Ultimately, I chose number… 6! Very nice sweetheart.

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  • WifeShoppingIrl

    What is the cost up front for one of these dishwashers anyways? Not to include the divorce 1 year after she has her green card please.

  • Anonymous

    Find #6 and make her a special!!!! Ah!!! She’s driving me bonkers!

  • bmoneey

    I would say #12 but would settle for #31or #27

  • Earp

    #14 and #30

  • John Ahlberg

    #19 Has sunk my battleship.

  • That guy

    #5 #16 #30 #27

  • scottyboy1612

    #2 or #30

  • Logs

    #30 not fuckin around


    #7 cause I like the vibe she's givin out and #23 cause she's doing it right. On her knees, in the kitchen, and doin my laundry.

  • Rick Mynatt

    Well if you guys want to know a secret # 25 and 31 are the same girl her name's Lana and she's actually my girlfriend from Ukraine!!:p

  • Anonymous


  • Shinrahunter

    #3 for me, although there are some beauties in this one.

  • Matt

    Either #22 or #5. I'd have to go for #22 myself.

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