Trey Parker and Matt Stone discuss why the MPAA is bulls*^#. These are my heroes. (Video)

Just when I thought I couldn’t like the South Park creators anymore they go and point out just how corrupt and flawed the MPAA truly is. Parker and Stone berate the MPAA for their favoritism towards big studios and illustrate just how unfairly small studios and independent filmmakers are being treated. ‘Merica….fuck yeah!

  • michelle

    fuck yeah

  • hapa_nerd

    These two are really smart guys. South Park gets a lot of crap for being vulgar, but if you pay attention to the message they're trying to convey in each episode, you'll see that they make a lot of good points about the political and social issues they address.

    • Nicholas Allred

      Definitely. It's a shame when great shows with fantastic ideals get trashed on because of how they appear on the surface.

      People need to close their mouths and open their ears.

      • downfall616

        and minds!

    • Da Sandman

      agreed, south park is PACKED with political and social criticism

      and it's friggin' hilarious ^^

    • mrjimmyos

      The whole episode on music pirating was genius 😀

    • Brand_n

      Especially considering they make a new episode every week in order to stay topical, whereas other shows just film an entire season at once. That's pretty damn impressive.

    • Ryno

      Wow thanks for pointing that out. I had never noticed.

      • haterade

        did she really think this was an original thought? and why the fuck does such dribble get 100+ votes? fucking chivers, you might be hot, but you sure are fucking dumb.

        • hapa_nerd

          Well thank you for deeming my "dumb" comment worthy of a response.

        • downfall616

          did she say, "here's an original thought" NO!. people thumb it up (myself included) BECAUSE WE AGREE!!!

    • leoncorleone

      wow really ???? if u didn't pont that our ill never have figured it out!… lol.

      • AeroMace

        Learn to write before you make a dumbass comment. "Better to remain silent and be thought and idiot…"

      • downfall616

        you're a complete moron!

    • chong

      same goes with comedians

    • ostrichman1985

      I agree. I think that comedians are some of the most underapreciated intellectuals and I think that these 2 are some of the best comedic writers working today. I dont allways agree with their viewpoints but its amazing how many conversations I have had that started while watching south park.

  • Nicholas Allred

    Someone needs to shake things up. In a big way.

    • Growl

      Whoops, accidentally thumbed down. Meant to thumb up x1000

    • Azúl Nat

      Someone is us, the people. Together we have much more power than the big businesses.

  • PointBlank_

    they have a play on broadway now if im not mistaken!

    • PointBlank_

      oh yeah cant wait for a new season of SP

  • davey

    saying it like it is.

  • amber

    This is why its so important to keep downloading movies. The US corporate entertainment industry is corrupt beyond any hope of repair. The more we download, the more money they lose and the more likely it is that they, as businesses, will fail. Sometimes you just have to throw out the trash and start over again. This is what needs to happen with the entertainment industry. The same goes for the corporate music industry too.

    • Bobba Fett

      Corporate entertainment in general if you ask me. Sports included.

    • kent

      Yeah… download the movies made by the people who you want to fail?

      So you don't want anymore movies?

    • LazyTheKid

      You sound like Tim Robbins in Team America.

      "…the corporations sit there in their, in in their corporation buildings and, and and see that's, they're all corporationy, and they make money.”

    • Evelyn

      yeah grrreat idea, then the U.S. would be more like latin america where the bootleggers are making 3 or 4 times as much money as the people that are putting the hard work into actually making the movies… taking away the motivation for them to even MAKE movies.

    • Spooky

      Yeah…. you know who else loses money when you do that? The filmmakers and other people that deserve their money. Douchebag.

    • PTPete

      god you people are dumb. did u even read the bit about throwing out the trash and STARTING AGAIN? I agree, i'd rather miss out on a few good scripts being made into movies if it meant that the timid, dumbed down, tedious, piss-poor corporate movie industry could be harmed. Why do you think the regulatory bodies like the MPAA etc exist anyway? To serve your interests? Wise up!
      Good music and good movies are invariably produced through independent labels/studios. They were before the entertainment industry was corporatized and they still are. They might not be able to afford to promote their acts or be able to spend 60 billion on special effects but so what? Not hearing the latest album by band X isnt going to hurt you. I'd rather miss out on that than be relentlessly exposed to the generic pop shit that make millions from gullible dumbass americans and makes stars of people with nothing to say (nothing worth hearing anyway). And as for movies, most big budget films are just vacuous crap for consumer morons anyway, it's just so much eye-candy, that distracts you from anything really important and thereby, keeps you stupid.
      The makers of South Park are well aware of the pitfalls and consequences of the 'big business' approach to entertainment. Their work suffers for it hence the above video. If the studios had to let them go because of the consequences of people downloading from torrent sites and such, they'd find something else to do, probably something just as creative, funny/entertaining. You might not get to see it and they might not make as much money. So what; most of us dont make much money. If you really appreciate what they're doing, you should do what you can to make things better. Dismantling the current entertainment industry is the only sensible choice and downloading movies is a good way to encourage that.

  • Blake

    What's the deal with them rubbing the head/hair?

  • Bobba Fett

    I sure approve of these fellas.
    Now if they only knew what to do about the corruption…

    • Honest Joe

      Right on bro, how do we fight the power.

  • Josh Gorter

    Big corpo sucks and they produce of crap, but from time to time there are some really good bands and movies that can come out of it. If you find a band or movie like this please go out and buy the movie or CD and support them.

    • @Gingergreek

      It's all about the Markets mate. You pander to those that'll make you a shit load of money. The big boys don't give a shit about what's good or bad they just know that if it makes money they'll make it. In the music industry the biggest market spenders are Teenage Girls hence why there is tons and tons of garbage out there and Why bieber is such a huge success. Change the market and then you change the quality of the product.

      Sorry I wasnt ranting at you lol

  • Red

    I've heard about these problems, and there's also more problems than just this. As a consumer, the fact that the MPAA funded lobbyists to support the DMCA, which means I'm not allowed to play DVDs in Linux or break their insane DRM, is infuriating, as is the fact that the MPAA is preventing Netflix from streaming to Android phones.

  • LazyTheKid

    Surprise cockfags!

  • @Gingergreek

    The MPAA shouldn't even exist period! Why is there a censoring group in a country that prides itself on free speech? It smacks hypocricy. You wanna hot these assholes where it hurts? do what I am doing don't go to the Cinema. I am fortunate that I live in the UK and that the BBFC is extremely leniant with it's ratings I mean the King's Speech got a 12a rating and it has more swearing in then a sex session with me :D. In the US version though they are cutting out all the swearing to get it to a PG13 which again, smacks of hypocricy.

    America!….fuck no in this case 😦

    • aosux

      It is the MPAA that is a crock. And that is their point! It's very similar to lobbyists in politics. If you get in bed with peddlers then you're gunna get fucked.

  • Henry Gibson

    A fantastic movie about the MPAA, its hypocrisy and secrecy is "This Film is Not Yet Rated." It's available for download through Netflix. It has Parker and Stone relating these stories and many more directors getting shafted (pun not intended).

    The section I found most interesting was the commentary on the difference between men's and women's orgasms. Highly, HIGHLY recommended.

    • Dagoth Wit

      I was going to post this exact thing. It was a great movie. "Make sure you count how many strokes".

  • Sugreev2001

    I love people like these two who challenge the hypocrisy of "society".

    South Park FTW

  • Mark Hoffman

    Sorry your feelings got hurt. You make vulgar movies, you get vulgar ratings. There needs to be a standard and if you don't like the rating, change the content.

    • Bobsky

      Wow, you really missed the whole point of what they were saying didn't you? They were not complaining about the rating their movie received. They were complaining about how the whole process works and the favoritism shown towards the big studios vs the independent film makers.

      • Mark Hoffman

        I understand what you're saying about the favoritism. And the struggles of the independent film makers. But it's corporate America, that's how it works.

        Point taken though Bobsky.

        • Larry

          Wow, someone drank the whole friggin bowl of Kool Aid….

        • downfall616

          so, your statement seems to boil down to, " boo hoo, learn how to the game"? how about, lets change the fucking game.

    • BjD21

      Someone's listening comprehension skills need some work.

  • LBS

    I'm seconding the recommendation of "This Film Is Not Yet Rated." Eye-opening movie. It's not just about filmmakers making "vulgar" movies and complaining — it points out the secrecy of the MPAA, the deals with studios, the lack of consistency, and the fact there aren't set rules for what constitutes a rating. I had no problem with the MPAA until I saw in this documentary how flawed that organization is. Should there be a rating system? Yes. But this group is so broken it's time for a new way of figuring that out.

  • SumCat

    They were talking about this in this movie:

    I really recommend that one by the way, and it is/was available on Netflix streaming. MPAA is ridiculous.

    • SumCat

      Dammit. How'd I miss that others recommended this already? I'm retarded.

      • LBS

        The more recs, the better!

  • lame

    haha mark doesn't realize who he's commenting with, CHIVERS

  • Chim Richels

    Every time Trey Parker speaks, I hear his characters!

    Brilliant guys and the musical numbers they wrote with that Marc dude for the movie are insanely brilliant. The montage with Blame Canada/UpThere/La Resistance/Tomorrow Night is beyond brilliant.

  • mattythegooch

    AND, their band DVDA is fucking brilliant!!!

    Fuck the system……………

  • JoJo

    The MPAA are the fascist of the movie making world. About as fascist as any government. =/

  • 1iJack

    What is this clip from? I would love to see the whole interview.

  • Tim

    This is why I've been a South Park fan from the beginning. Not ever episode is a winner, but Matt and Trey know what they are talking about. I've never given the MPAA much thought, just that they seem a bit weird on what constitutes an PG-13 to an R, but this makes me mad.

  • oliviabee-

    amazing film.

  • boob man

    Hey….here's an idea: stop making stupid crap for the soul purpose of "shock value" and "pushing the envelope"!! the only "artists" that i ever see complaining about the mpaa are the ones who put the most outlandish and stupidly ridiculous crap in their movies (i.e. "cartman's mom f-ing a horse") and then they bitch and moan that they are being censored unfairly….yeah….that makes a lot of sense….

    • boob man

      i know i'm gonna get ripped for my comment, but am i the only grown-ass man that thinks "art" like south park, the hangover, hot-tub time machine, cedar rapids, jack-ass, (the lists goes on and on) are all just pure crap….

      • LBS

        You should really watch the documentary mentioned in the comments. The filmmaker interviews amazing directors I imagine would meet your definition of "artist" who also got their movies sent back with an NC-17.

      • jbt

        you should REALLY not put South Park in bed with those other films, and actually fucking watch some of it. South Park is Aesop's Fables writ large. Please do not enter into a discussion of which you aren't informed/educated enough to form a salient opinion.

        • jmr

          Just because his opinion differs from yours doesn't mean it is not important. He said he does not like those types of shows/movies so WHY ON EARTH would he watch it? Your argument actually makes no sense.

        • boob man

          man….i have honestly tried to watch several episodes of south park….never made it through a whole episode….just can't do it….i don't have a problem with people who do enjoy south park or even parker and stone for creating it….there are plenty of tv shows and movies that i don't enjoy watching….i just don't understand why they put something in a movie or episode that they know is over the top and going to raise eyebrows and then they whine and complain like little girls that they are being censored!! they do it for this reason and this reason only (no matter what they say): THEY WANT ATTENTION AND $$$$….

      • haterade

        says boob man?

    • mattythegooch

      are you upset that Lord of the Rings was only a trilogy?

      • boob man


        • Dillon Turcotte

          honestly dude, if you actually watch an entire episode and look between the dick and fart jokes you'll see that it's actually a pretty bang on satire on modern western civilization. As mentioned before some episodes speak more volume then others but for the most part, there is a very strong and politically correct message in the show

          • boob man

            haha….i've heard this argument before: "csi:miami really is a great show once you get past the terrible acting, unbelievable dialogue, and ridiculous plot"….nice try man….i compare these guys to the stand-up comedians that really don't have enough jokes, so they just keep using the words beer and boobs and cuss every other word and the audience members with a negative iq leave telling people: "that guy was hilarious!"….

    • You Doosh

      There was a point in there, but you fucking missed it.
      Great job!

    • troll hunter

      successful troll is successful

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