Trey Parker and Matt Stone discuss why the MPAA is bulls*^#. These are my heroes. (Video)

Just when I thought I couldn’t like the South Park creators anymore they go and point out just how corrupt and flawed the MPAA truly is. Parker and Stone berate the MPAA for their favoritism towards big studios and illustrate just how unfairly small studios and independent filmmakers are being treated. ‘Merica….fuck yeah!

  • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

    Theres a documentary about the MPAA that i have seen years ago.
    they tell the same story, you should take a look

  • Matt

    Check out this documentary on the MPAA:

  • Emily Franklin

    I've seen the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated and in it it says that if the MPAA gives an NC17 rating, it's like a death sentence for the film. It's almost impossible to market an NC17 movie. And there doesn't have to be nudity or full sex scenes to get that rating. It's whatever the panel of judges decides. The documentary does some intelligence work and finds out information on the secret panel and how corrupt the panel is.

  • Obvious Repeat Post

    hey, you guys should watch the movie this film is not yet rated.

  • Say it again charlie

    The movie this film is not yet rated is good. you should watch it.

  • shut up

    I think everyone should watch the movie this film is not yet rated. it is not rated.

  • KyleGamgee

    I will echo this as well. Great film. A real eye-opener about a broken system.

  • Christian Lander

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  • Christian Lander

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  • Christian Lander

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    • arjay

      Christian lander makes up 73% of his own statistics and is a self loathing white hipster.

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        yeah 'cause everyone knows how vocally pro-corporate hipsters are, amirite?

  • Moose

    If anyone is interested in the rating system and how ridiculous it is and how homophobic it is watch the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

  • PointBlank_

    sounds like it, i gotta see it b4 i die… the Mormon episode is great, did any1 find the vid of cartmans mom fucking a horse?

  • Petey

    these are two of the greatest Americans of their generation. long live South Park!

  • shane
  • shane
  • babano

    thats how it is.the world isnt fair.

  • downfall616

    i've heard it's pretty incredible.

  • James Jackson

    * any more

  • Erik T Goluboff MD

    Erik T Goluboff MD

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone speak on the MPAA and unfair treatment to small studios and independent filmmakers. : theCHIVE

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