Welcome to combat Dassault Rafale (29 Photos)

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  • http://twitter.com/outof816 @outof816

    Is there a white flag that comes with it?

  • Dally

    Must be a pain to have the fueling probe right in the pilot's eyeline like that.

  • Guinness37
  • Mangoust

    Rafale prove its efficience and performance air-ground, air-strike, reco.

    Don t forget the bad result after ATLC (UAE) of f22 face to rafale, 1-0 after 6 rounds dogfight, that is not a glory of f22 and look not realy efficient. It don t won because superiotiy, it won because it was just lucky, it would same in BVR. raptor prove only one thing ! its mediocrity in fight, 3 war ! no engagement. It easy to undestand why the program was cancel by repuplican and democrat

    Rafale humiliate the ef2000 two times, in dog & bvr, what it do in Lybia, ah ! it fly , goood !.
    Tornado make better job than ef2000. ef2000 is totaly useless

    2 jet fighter useless and inefficient, F22 & EF2000.

    • Guinness37

      I do not agree with you, the F22 is a high performance aircraft (very expensive too), we can not rely on what was a test to say that ….

    • V4vendetta14

      This was posted over at the "F-22 in Dubai" thread (http://www.f-16.net/f-16_forum_viewtopic-t-13542.html). Translation is:

      "Although French aviators showed off a great deal about the "beatings" inflicted by their Rafales on British Typhoons during the last ATLC exercise in the United Arab Emirates, very little was said about the confrontation between Dassault's delta-wing aircraft and the American F-22As. In out-of-visual-range engagements, the American Raptors did not even condescend to turn on their radars, remaining invisible to the Rafale's RBE2 [radar system] and Spectra [self-defense system] while precisely locating the electromagnetic waves from the French fighter, thus securing their AMRAAM [missile] launches from a secure distance. On two occasions at least, the F-22As also "tangled" with the Rafales in close combat, securing a "gun kill" each time without much difficulty."

  • PSG75

    suck it french bashers

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