Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

For those of you who didn't see yesterday's Afternoon-ish Randomness, we had some small server issues yesterday and couldn't post for a spell. Back to normal now, the thrusters are firing and balance has been restored to the force. Chive On!

ps - It is Hump Day, you've been warned.

  • sUGAr

    #35 I don't think I even need to say, "FIND HER!!!"…but in case there is any confusion:

    FIND HER!!!

  • http://theanisette.com Daris

    Got to #35 and was like, "Aww, Dar is over, that's the end-hump". Then I realized it was still going and I was like, "Syke, Chive on".

  • Mr Obvious

    #41 – no, knees are different, still nices tushes in both cases.

    • Mr. Huh?

      WTF are you talking about? The knees?! Thats the least obvious thing I have ever encountered. Nice try though.

  • corey

    Find the rest of # 41 ASAP!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/meredithsarahlong Meredith Long

    Thank you for #4 and #12, I'm a little less pissed off at my friends now and even more excited to send in a photo for friday!


    #3 I believe we should have a new section devoted to this

  • OwnerOfYou

    #20 Madam, I'm normally quite the boob enthusiast and never really cared for tushes… until now. Your epic rear end has shown me the error of my ways. I will now appreciate both.

  • RodneyKing99

    I believe he is right in #41…. But for the love of GOD can't you use photoshop

  • http://www.youtube.com/redhandedrejects Ethan

    GREAT movie.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #38 this is epic….but how much?!?!?

  • Bryan

    Very nice….. #41

  • MSM


  • Jesse

    #32 – I live in western South Dakota. We have more than our share of cowboys with this "accessory" attached to their full sized trucks and I've long said to myself the exact same thing stated on this photo.

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    #20 and I've been to Australia. Seems like I didn't get to see ALL the sites I wanted to in person.

  • onecalledsam

    Couldn't stop laughing at #8! Chive on!

    • aosux

      He looks like the blue M&M

  • clenis9

    #35 absolute perfection.

  • TruckDrivers


    I'm pretty sure the owners of these are generally closet homosexuals as well.

  • ClariseStarling

    #20 is incredible.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #35 – Close to perfect

  • BloodScrubber

    #14 If any man anywhere needs theChive more than ever….it is this man.

    BTW, excellent closing shot too John.

  • omarg

    CHIVE MOAR OF #20 PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • That Guy

    #18 "okay henry make it look real for the tourists… i said make it LOOK real.. hey hey hey… that's my ear."

  • RicoSan80

    #9 I hope Ray Park spinning back kicks that kid right in his childhood-dreamkilling face!

  • jtorresfuentes

    On point today gentlemen!!!!!

  • Mark'sMomIsHot

    #38 Is that where my Chivery dollars are going? Party at the Playboy Mansion… five-figure artwork appearing in the office. You're stepping-up your game this week, Chive. Don't go changin'

    • Wolfram

      Yeah, chopping a garage door to get street art sure costs a lot. I think you meant "five finger" artwork.

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