Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

For those of you who didn't see yesterday's Afternoon-ish Randomness, we had some small server issues yesterday and couldn't post for a spell. Back to normal now, the thrusters are firing and balance has been restored to the force. Chive On!

ps - It is Hump Day, you've been warned.

  • 2857

    #28 – you know how i know youre gay?

  • todd

    #20, damn having 9 of the world's 10 most venomous snakes, I'm moving to Australia….

  • shon

    #41 you magnificent bastard! I think you did it… This is my favorite tush

  • f-ing nerd

    #42 Only 11 more weeks 'til Towel Day (that's only 1,8333 times 42 days)!

  • http://www.facebook.com/OperationMerryGoRound Kevin Membrino

    #41 Cant be the same girl enless the pics were taken long time apart. My argument, check the VAG GAP and the leg gaps

  • moar

    #3, #20, #41 …. moar!!!!

  • Huf-K

    #39 Is this free??

  • http://www.reddit.com Mel

    Great list

  • Nastee


  • rawnoyz

    #34 had me rolling, then i scrolled to #35 paused and just smiled.

    Thats what the DAR does for you. You can go from aww, to whoa, to hahaha, to oh shit hope my boss didnt see that and feel your day's completed all in one sitting. Thank you CHIVE!

  • Bob

    #35 moar is required…………………..

  • Anon

    #41 You people need to expand your horizons beyond The Chive. The top pic is part of a set, there are tons more of that chick. Just go look for them. Tineye.com is your friend! Now GO!

  • Um, what?

    #44 and #45, need both a A.U.F.D and side view while against the wall for comparison. Nice gap tho. As always, the Chive is a purveyor of fine ass.ets.

  • Stan

    Oh My God!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Holcomb/19802306 John Holcomb

    i don't think that #41 is the same ass, wrong rump sorry

  • Christian Lander

    #42 Stuff White People Like # 33, Marijuana

    People from many cultures like marijuana (South East Asian, Jamaica, India, Morrocco, Mexico, etc), but white people take it to an entirely new level.

    To simply purchase, roll and smoke marijuana is not enough for white people. They need to make sure they know all the different strains, cultivation technique, and methods for smoking it. They even have an entire magazine devoted those where they actually have centerfolds of plants that people have grown.

    White people are also willing to spend over $500 on smoking devices just to find new and more expensive ways to smoke weed.

    It is worth noting that at every white person, at some point, has written a high school or college paper about the history of how the DuPont industry helped make weed illegal. This paper also teaches them about how hemp can be used to fuel cars, make clothing, create food, cure cancer, and solve every single problem on earth.
    While you would assume that most white people smoke weed between 14-28 (and act as though they are the first generation to do so), the reality is that white people smoke weed well into old age. They also smoke weed with their kids! This is not a joke. White people love weed so much that they consider it a ‘gift’ to share with their kids. Leading to a generation that was not allowed to watch Power Rangers, but was allowed to toke up.

    All white people believe marijuana should be legalized, and they consider the Netherlands to a pinnacle of enlightenment. Also, every white person has had their most profound weed smoking experience in Amsterdam, so it’s a good idea to fabricate a story about your own experience there so you can quickly forge a bond. Traditional tales uses the following words: hostel, brownie, girl/guy from Hungary, crazy, locked out, chill dudes from Ireland.

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should ever imply that people just smoke weed to get high, they do it for medical/spiritual/social reasons, etc, or that there are any negative consequences. This will likely alienate you from white people.

    On the plus side, white people are always looking for higher quality, more potent, more organic marijuana. If you promise to hook them up with a special selection from your home country, they will likely pay a high premium.

    • mikey

      X-tra MAJOR pusher-TOOL

    • Pinniped

      Generalize much?

  • BrownNote420

    #42 I usually want the pizza after 4:20 time.

  • Optimus

    #37 Which of these does not belong…?

  • Shockwave

    #15 Victoria Silvstedt?
    #20 God I want to go down under on THAT!
    #35 Good God almighty that is HOT! Who is she?
    #39 Alison Brie deserves her own gallery. MOAR!

  • CoLNo1

    #28 If he doesn't already know it yet… there's news for him

  • guest

    #3. This picture was taken in October. Getting kinda lame aren't we.

  • http://twitter.com/estebancamacho @estebancamacho

    Holy Mother of all that is good and pure!!
    #45 you have a VERY beautiful body 🙂
    Kudos on your big finale for DAR. 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/bmignaco Bruno Mignaco

    alright.. few things.

    #28 : I have baaaad news for you buddy..

    #34 : karma is a b*tch, ain't it?


  • Sam Rose

    @#41 NOT the same! the 2nd girl is way hotter and no saddle bags.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #45 Dam good idea girl…You so rock..thank you hehe…

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