Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • Shirley

    #22 having a seizure

  • Ken

    #5 FTW! (only because he decided to stand there and have a smoke afterwards.)

  • Inquisitor80


    pls for the love of all that is Holy, i must have the source of that, it is perfect
    when the zombies come me and my apocalypse bride will need good invitations

  • LansingMI

    #13 You glorious bastard!

  • Signal_Lost

    #5 is a Darwin award just waiting to happen.

    And if you send me a wedding invitation like #20 I don't care who you are, or what I've got going on, I will be there – that invite is just too awesome. RSVP 1 + Guest (my shotgun)

  • metalcool36

    #12 had me laughing for quite some time

  • ROK247


    the massive shitstorm blizzard we are enduring yet again here in the upper midwest makes me long for a place like this to move to permanently. someone please tell me again why i live in the armpit of the universe?

  • Beasty


    Seizure? Naw, just stand back, she's about to blow….

  • Sen

    There are actually 17 ninja's in pic #10

  • Ken

    #21… A time before the media basdardize the 2nd Amendment… I'm sure I'll get a lot of "thumbs down" for saying that!

  • Jason

    #13 WTF Chive? you already posted this in the ahem… DARish… your dropping your A game chive…

  • That Guy

    i read #15 in a very feminine male voice.

  • NOUU


    • FLHomesteader

      Thank you for using all caps.

      Your comment has been bumped up to smarterer status.

    • dcon

      Thank you for confirming all the reasons we need to attract and retain good teachers. Your very accomplished literacy, grasp of irony and comprehension of complex social issues explains everything. Please tell me you're in the seventh grade and too young to vote, dipwad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/duke.b.duke Duke Jonathan

    #2 is in Nashville, TN. I live right behind that building. Chive i have been one of your biggest supporters in TN and love the fact that you put my beloved city in the CHIVE. It has truly made my day. Nothing makes me happier then when my two favorite things come together.


    • http://www.facebook.com/duke.b.duke Duke Jonathan

      I meant number 6 FAIL HAHAHA

  • DCBizzle

    #5 – crazy fucker
    #22 – i think she just turned into a zombie

  • Jessica Condrey

    #10 Those ninja's are already gone, what your seeing is their Afterimage

  • DistractedIndividual

    Ditto….I wounder if they could make some snowboarding gloves like that:)

    • Christian Lander

      Stuff White People Like # 31, Snowboarding

      If one would like to meet a lot of white people, one of your best bets would be to go on a Snowboarding trip. Snowboarding is the practice of skiing sideways on one ski. White people love snowboarding as opposed to basketball or football because there is a sense that it is an alternative sport outside of the mainstream. Also too many ethnic people are skiing now. White people enjoy activities that cost a lot of money and require expensive clothes. Even though pro snowboarders make far less than football or basketball players, it is an activity that is exclusive to those who have money. Below are some of the prerequsites for snowboarding

      – $500 North Face or Burton Jacket
      – $200 Snowpants
      – $40 wool socks from Mountain Co-op
      – $60 thermal underwear from Mountain Co-op
      – Living in an expensive area that is close to mountains ie) Boulder or Vancouver
      – $200 Snowboard
      – $100 boots
      – $20 to pay for your overpriced burger
      – ability to act really annoying

      • DistractedIndividual

        First of all: You are a douche and must be black. (Which everyone knows a black idiot melts in the snow)

        Second of all: You don't need to be rich to snowboard-just smart with shopping and knowing locals. Thus you must also be stupid (and obviously ignorant) as well as a flat lander probably from tha' deep south.

        Third: There are more brands for snowboarding gear in the world and the US than the most expensive brands you listed above.

        Last: Just like any other sport, the majority of people who participate in them do not do it for money but for fun (I'm sure you wouldn't know, seeing as how you have pointed yourself out as being a facist pig…with yo mind on yo money and money on yo mind!)

        PS. Be prepared to see a sexy snowbunny Chivette this Friday to place that warty foot of yours firmly in your diseased orifice some may call a mouth.

        🙂 BEEEOOOTCH!

        • Noone

          Would have done better without your ignorant, less than half-thought out little rant up there about how stupid one person could be -mainly yourself- The other guy is partly correct, snowboarding is expensive, no amount of shopping skills will get you around a 500 dollar pricing, you could be sleeping with the guy/gal who's going to sell that stuff to you just to take the knowing the locals thing to the extreme, someone still has to shell out that fee to cover up the gear going out, or someone has to be fired. And those less expensive gears wear down quickly, because hey they don't cost much, so you don't cry as much when you go without realizing you got the same pair of gloves 6 times now.

          • Jules

            Please pull out that tampon from last month and dig the sand out of your vagina.

            You must also be black and from the south.
            My entire set up was less than $200.
            Spring sales on gear like Grenade, 686 and Dragon(That are great quality and have lasted me 3 years now and stil in great shape) save you money genius. -Proven fact that men have little to no shopping sense.
            Assuming all women are sluts and sleep around just to get ahead in life only proves further that you have never been in love and must be incapable of being loved. -Knowing the locals means having friends that work on the mountains and get you free lift tickets.
            I would have done better had you never been born.

            For your pissy little PMS session up there I don't really feel like posting my snowbunny Chivette pic. Thanks for being a total 3=====D~~ O: That owuld be a cock sucker if since I presume you are too dim to get it:)

  • Trav57

    Only in 'merica #21

  • Spencur

    #20 epic

  • geezer

    #1 Against Me! ???
    i have a newfound respect for thechive

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #19 To fucking funny man…

  • Ntzz

    #19 Funny, its not about the pay now, its about retirement and benefits. I pay for mine, and it costs a hell of a lot. They don't pay for theirs, WE pay for it!!

    • dcon

      Bullshit. Stop being so confident in your own ignorance. You look stupid. Wisconsin teachers readily agreed to pay more for their insurance and toward their own retirement. This was about a fundamental right to bargain for working conditions, especially class size, so school boards can't shove forty drooling kids into a single classroom.

  • Jorge V.

    #6 should be Activision instead of At&t

  • Stacy

    #16 – need this one in HQ

  • llama beans

    Obviously doesn't get it.

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