Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • Joey

    #17 I guess they ran out of bullets

  • Erich

    #20 Totally looks like Billy Zane


    lolololololol #10 made me laugh so hard

  • derpy derp

    If you're worried about the taxpayers in Wisconsin ask Gov. Walker why he's giving $117 million in corporate taxcuts. I suspect this might contribute to the budget deficit more than one bus driver's insane overtime (this according to Ann Coulter, a paragon of rational discourse). Median wage for bus drivers in the state is less than $30,000. Nationwide, nearly half (49%) receive NO benefits. Pulling wild anomalies out of your ass is a sure sign of the bankruptcy of your argument. Besides, everyone knows that if you want to date high school students nowadays, you HAVE to have a nice car.

  • Sandwiches1123

    #19 Comment about this picture: Teachers don't drive the '93 Nissan Sentra because they are poor, they drive it because they are too cheap to buy a new car.

  • ABell

    I worked across the street from #6 for years. Even without the photoshop it is still a pretty odd looking building. Everyone calls it the 'batman building'.

  • ckingfilm

    #6 whaa, what city is this mordor building in?

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