Found: ‘Intrigue Girl’ (6 Photos)

A few days ago, the photo above torched across Japan. One of our Japanese Chivers sent me the photo of the anonymous cosplayer with the caption, 'Intrigued?'. Yes, very. So I posted it in the DAR where the photo caught the attention of one of our German Chivers who emailed me a name, Julia; an 18 year-old German actress. This is her Rei Ayanami shoot. Gotta love global crowd sourcing chicks, man ...

  • joshdyk87

    #4 Whaaaat the hell…

    • riley

      I know, you're sad because it's not a dude, huh?

      • joshdyk87

        Red eyes, and she looks like a child. Thumbs down if you're a pervert.

        • Wavien

          That's what disgusts me about those anime things. The girls all look like children with huge boobs. And people are turned on by that. *pukes*

          • V4vendetta14

            Dude, she is fucking 18… Do I need to explain human biology to you? She has been fully capable of having kids for years…

            • Wavien

              So what if she has? The point is that she looks like a child, and it is the fucking disgusting that people are turned on by that!!!!

            • Pål

              Please, do explain.

              Do you look at women as child-makers and find them attractive by their capability of having children?

            • RufioRufioRuFi

              The youngest person to become pregnant was 5 years old. Does that make it right to think sexual thoughts about her?

          • dub

            Every man needs to have a sexual encounter with a large chested midget woman.

            it's a stepping stone.

          • zacka

            Ok i dont see how she looks like a child, she could pass for 15 or 16 at the youngest but she could easily pass for 22 as well. So her age is ambiguous as with most models and people in general. because your perverted mind pictures her as a child it does not mean the rest of us do. I like to think of her a legal and HOT. which she is

            Oh and she's not particularly large breasted either

            i really dont know what all the hubub is about

            • Wavien

              You fail at life. Have fun burning in Hell, disgusting pervert!

        • its_forge

          "She looks like a CHILD!!! Anyone attracted to this is a PERVERT!!!" No, if we're otherwise sure she's an adult, the only person thinking pictures of her are perverted are the perverts. But thanks for playing and please, shut the fuck up from now on.

          • John Johnson

            well, i'm only 18, so tits or gtfo

            • its_forge

              There's another point to the "pedo pedo pedo aieeee!!!" people — what about the teenage boys (and girls I imagine) who are looking at these pics? Are they not allowed to admire the girlies?

        • warlock

          i think it's hilarious there's a debate on the utter hotness of this picture other than the fact there are dopey red dots covering gorgeous blue eyes.

          • AtomManhattan

            Rei Ayanami being my all-time favorite fictional character, I find this far more cool than a turn-on. In the series, she's a clone, so that's why she has blue hair/pale skin/red eyes, hence- albinism.

  • Really?


    • Smithers

      i hate people like you more than those who post "first"

      • facebook

        UMAD? trollface.jpg

    • doodlecakes

      nice man :3

      thumbs up

  • Nazz1962

    I don't know what the previous comments are about, but hair color be damned, she's hot! I'll take TWO, thank you very much!

    • PointBlank_

      what are the chances of carpet matching the drapes?

      • its_forge

        Bare floor I guar-on-tee.

    • AtomManhattan

      She has red eyes because she has albinism, a defect of cloning.

  • Wowser


  • Hypno_germ

    Hope for bad adhesive…c'mon

    • luke

      the minute likelihood of it being a .gif of them falling off will probably take up my entire day… sat… watching…

      • Hypno_germ

        haha, it was more a wish. I was just hoping there were pictures of the bandaids falling off.

  • Pass

    She's a pretty girl, but damn no ass or titties… Sorry I'll pass.

    • Stevo

      I'm sure she'll be crushed to hear that, what with the likelihood of you hooking up and all.

    • Heber Coll

      "Hello, I am a homosexual and therefore am not interested in this vile creature. I will proceed to go jack off to a Ricky Martin poster now, have a good day!"

    • Pass

      Wow sorry I didn't realize I wasn't allowed to have an opinion or personal preference. I was referring to passing on these pics, or any future ones. Sheesh…

      • tony

        So people aren't allowed to express their opinion of your opinion? My expressing my opinion of your opinion of their opinion of your opinion should not preclude you from expressing your opinion of my opinion, etc, etc etc!

    • its_forge

      What she lacks in voluptuousness she more than makes up for in sylphlike beauty.

  • ssf

    It looks like Brainy Smurf blew a load in her hair.

  • @valorikx221

    Would like to see her as Asuka !

  • Anonymous

    SO HOT!!!!

  • Matt Nowak

    SO HOT!!!

  • Tits_McGee

    Love the tiny little gap by her panties!

    • Biggus Diccus

      Trying to see some neon pubes

    • BloodScrubber

      Look at it while the theme song from Mission Impossible is playing in your head…

  • HankT

    I couldn't agree more…

  • Mark

    Not impressed.

  • luis_pedro_sato

    me like ti very much

  • Brad

    #3 – I love those eyes!

  • Colin J. Schrader

    #4 No you idiot! Red eye flashes twice!

  • ss396maxx

    It would be like doing an Anime Character.

  • Dumbass

    My mail order bride !!!

  • todd

    Google Julia Rei Ayanami .. Some interesting photos, but still has the pasties on…

  • JMikeH

    Blue hair, how can something so unnatural seem so right?

  • mattythegooch

    She has nicotine patches on her boobs!!! #6

    • Nazz1962

      lol now that was funny!

    • V4vendetta14

      Holy fuck….that was funny…

    • crapflinger

      i was wondering why her nipples would need to quit smoking

  • Matador

    she looks like zelda

  • TheOmNomNomNomMan

    she's not a german "actress" … a russian (porn) actress comes closer i think…

  • Nazz1962

    #6 Where's the NSFW version of this photo???

    • Blues

      There's not a NSFW version. The picture must have been taken with the patches – not added digitally.

      • Justin

        Thanks Captain Obvious!

        • Nazz1962

          Lol, yeah I can see that the nip patches are physically present and not digitally added later. She's a porn star (apparently) so there's NSFW pics out there somewhere … CHIVE, can you do something in a .gif for us?? I just love staring intently at a beautiful woman waiting endlessly for something to happen. Nahh, I disassemble the gif right away and get to the good stuff!

  • Senlyth

    My search results.. she is russian O.o

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