Found: ‘Intrigue Girl’ (6 Photos)

A few days ago, the photo above torched across Japan. One of our Japanese Chivers sent me the photo of the anonymous cosplayer with the caption, 'Intrigued?'. Yes, very. So I posted it in the DAR where the photo caught the attention of one of our German Chivers who emailed me a name, Julia; an 18 year-old German actress. This is her Rei Ayanami shoot. Gotta love global crowd sourcing chicks, man ...

  • Jessica Condrey

    Shes supposed to be a character from an anime called "Evangelion". Beautiful Girl, looks amazing as Rei 😀

  • theederv

    not my cup of tea….meh

    I generally like woman with hair colour that doesnt clash with my exotic supercar

    • Will Harding

      Ben by exotic super car you mean your 2005 fiesta?

  • Geo

    She is pretty, but too bony-ass thin for my taste.

  • JimmyTankins

    There's an entire youtube clip of this photoshoot…can't seem to locate it but it's pretty incredible. May have been removed, but props to the person who can hunt it down and link it here. Chive – find her video!

  • Jerrywithag

    Is this Wed ????? Aaaaaa Hump Day !

  • medtxpack

    kinda shoots the saying 'ol blue hairs' in the face. take that seniors! ha

  • hmmm

    Gorgeous, yes. But she needs more curves!

  • Philo

    NEATO !!

  • Yesss

    Are you kidding me! Shes gorgeous. I remember seeing her in the dar and wishing for moar. Thanks chive.

  • Anonymous

    Women who wear wigs…. It’s like sleeping with a different girl every night. #6

  • wztarheel

    #3 I was hypuntized


    feels like i'm being hypnotized….and thats a good thing:)

  • Blues

    Intrigued! Only 5 pics though, pic 1 is just pic 2 cropped.

  • Riaan

    Video of the photo shoot 🙂

  • Aroneous

    Scares me in all the right ways!! #4

  • Vanessa

    I dunno…. How old is she?

  • ss396maxx

    Not saying it would be at all, especially if it looked like her.

  • Sak

    On this website, they say she is from Russia :

    So is she german or russian?

    • bigguy

      Russian, german, who cares. She's hot!

  • abb

    Hated It!

  • bisketz

    WTF? This is Wednesday, where is the Hump?

  • bless1

    mehh. futuristic blows! How bout a nice suicide chic gallery, been a while?

  • Geoff Heimer

    My goodness , she is soooooo pretty !

  • theederv


  • Beldar

    #4 proves that she's been sent here to kill us all.

  • CoLNo1

    #3 oh wow

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