Hump Day: Oh jeez look at the butt on that! (35 photos)

  • tdotbronco


    • Who'sGotTheLight?

      #24 Damn you shadow!

    • Poontangler

      #15, #17, #24, #26, #32 – HOLY FUCK!!!!!

  • Random

    It's now officially Hump Day. But where is Lauren?

    Also #19 is gap-tastic

  • jason in pc

    i secod that

    • zak

      Maybe wait until you have both hands to comment

  • theeemightybuck

    who is #26……. my future mistress

    • BOOM

      Teagan Presley

      • mattythegooch

        I think my phone just caught on fire after googling her!!!

    • Shiyan

      Did anyone but me notice the nip in the mirror?

      • assntitties

        SUPER bro fist.

      • iambigd42

        Nice catch!

      • seenonips

        Did anyone buy me notice that after someone posts a comment like Shiyan's the said nip gets removed?
        Stop ruining it for the people that dont catch every upload within 10 min of it being posted

        • Chris

          Dude, the nip is still there. settle

        • Shiyan

          You need to relax. If it is really that important to you then there are lots of places to go see it.

          • nipnall

            hahaha, nice eyes man.
            #9 blows em away though

        • not paula

          This isn't the first time this pic has been posted, and they have blatantly posted nips before. Either way its no big deal. This isn't the only place on the internet to find a nipple. You can even find them in real life!

      • triprip

        i did.

    • ???????????????

      what about the "ointments" on the counter?????????

      • oh4fuckssake

        I was wondering about those…….. How many fungi can she be battling?

    • jerkerrrrr

      her name is sarah enteniman.

  • Pat

    The Gap on #7 is "Heavenly"!!!!

    • fattdogg

      SO very true….she must be a dam specialist!

    • barney

      why do you fags like gaps ? The butt should clap.!

    • someguy

      for god sake, It's not a gap when their legs are apart, it's just space between their legs. if you want to see a gap check out #33

      • someguy

        that being said, it's still a great ass.

    • zak

      you bring me closer to god

    • ggg

      Holy Mary

  • Tits_McGee

    My favorite day of the week! Need more high-res though.

  • Henrik

    #14 Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      pound it! pound it all day long!
      cheers, beers

    • rudeboi

      I see that and raise you this……………

      • @bunkerpunkk

        just made it rain on my mac… damn.

    • Christopher

      I remember seeing that video back in the day. Anyone know where we can find the original video?

  • Bryan

    #9 and #26 why i love theChive!!

  • Geo

    WOW! There goes the rest of my afternoon.

  • That Guy

    hump day makes the week worth having a middle. Hump day should be everyday! #33 yessss!

    • Dman105

      Find her… for the love of humps.

      • ranD

        for the love of gaps* fixed…

  • Finster

    #8 Holy shit, dude….

    • Jorge Cubillo

      you read my mind!

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      lace always fits girls so well. great booty!
      cheers, beers

  • Trogdor

    #30 is hawesome!!
    #32 comes second

    • Jak

      That is hungry ass!

    • ROK247

      …comes second – or sometimes not at all!

      (movie quote disclaimer: personally i believe in always getting the job done!)

    • edub

      i sent in pic #32
      woulda been pissed if it didn't make it

      • DRo

        Who is it???

      • orau

        yes do tell!!

    • Yes


  • Tean_Zu

    #7 Mother of god!

  • Vanessa

    Wow… I could stare at #19 all day long…

  • Doctort

    He must work out.

    • mase

      i was waiting for someone to say it

  • Steve Bradley

    I want #32

    • CalculatedRisk

      …in my pants.

    • fattdogg

      I love it

    • Audrey Lynn

      don't we all?

      • Del

        Hi Audrey!

    • edub

      i was the one who sent that in, such a great ass

  • Butt Cleavage

    #17 #26 Moar of this please!

    • Vagabondleon

      starting a new trend here?

    • JAFitC

      #17 is all over the web. Google: Antea

      • thepoopsmith

        antea, altea b, and lucy are her aliases.

  • mattythegooch


    #26 – you're killing me!!

    • Mark

      We NEED to find her, Seriously.

      I'll help.

  • Heilmer

    #15 is incredible!!!!!!

    • fattdogg

      Very nice

    • Nate

      made my day

  • Dave

    Gotta love #32 and #24. Perfect humps

  • That Guy

    'hack up your skirt a little more.. and show your world to me' should be the theme line for hump day.

    • Dave Matthews


  • Lauren Gentile

    Some flat bootays posted this week, sadly… but #32 takes the cake (and it goes directly to her butt, thankfully)!

    • That Guy

      reminds me of someone else i know. 😉 she's the full package.

    • Lev

      If a guy complains about being unable to handle an ass with shape, it's not the girl's problem.

    • Doofenshmirtz

      Hey Lauren…in looking at YOUR avatar, i see a VERY nice gap 😉

      • Lauren Gentile

        'Zank you! I'm a gap-girl myself, and here's a few if you're interested:

        I've submitted quite a few but I'm sure they'll use them on a later date! Lots of hot bodies out there!!

        • dudeontheranch

          You win, girl….hands down.

        • Dunny_

          GOOD GLORIOUS GRAVY those pics are incredible!!

          "you have… an absolutely breathtaking… hiney. I mean that thing is good."

        • Doofenshmirtz

          Good Lord Lauren! How are you NOT a chivette of the day yet? You need an entire post…STAT! Upon seeing those two pictures I can quote George Costanza…"It moved"…

    • Frankie Muniz

      I know you had your moment, but I don't think anyone here would complain if you had a few more.

      you are simply fantastic….

  • Wolfram

    #5 #25 #29 – Love 'em. I have a thing for girls wearing heels…

    • Banks

      Me too man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • davey

    so many so many win!

  • Dunny_

    #21 very nice….love the socks…
    #22 and #33 now those are 2 sweet "gaps"

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