It's a start but I think we can do better (16 Photos-some of these are a bit offensive)

I got an e-mail saying this meme helped during deployment. However, I think we can come up with more creative ones. If you got one, send it.
Submit your Photos here

If you got one, send it.
Submit your Photos here

  • Chris

    kinda stupid……

  • Jules

    Very stupid….

  • That Guy

    #12 that would help me get through any war…

  • xMotox

    fuckin hilarious. #8 is awesome.

  • John

    Poor. Just Poor.

  • calool

    #13 and #8 are very funny 🙂

    • Chris

      Not really sounds like some retarded fobbit B.S.

  • Airwalktdk

    i like this

  • Forty

    got to have been there to laugh

    • Chris

      I was there several times this is gay

  • Rich

    you can tell who has been over by the comments.

  • Adam

    I'm in the Army and these are fucking lame. FYI, nobody says "Sarge." Looks like they were written by a group of unfunny comedians that are not in the military.

  • murn

    omg! a hot girl randomly appears in the middle of a post about something else! how original.

  • Everett McAnnally

    Personally i LOVE #17

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