• tom


  • Rebecca Black

    I give you "Death Metal Friday"

  • lfsg

    that's the ending we were all expecting

  • nut


  • BobSugar

    Saw this on reddit, terrific. Walken-ized.

  • imjuliooo89

    i thought this was kinda funny. then i made the stupid mistake of going to listen to the original. needless to say that i didnt get past 45 seconds. stupid song. stupid lyrics. stupid beat. girl is talking, not singing and they used auto tune to help her voice flow to the stupid beat. i wish i didnt listen to it..damnit -___-

  • MigraineBoy

    I laughed so hard I snorted my drink trough my nose…

  • mith

    LOVED IT….!

  • Sir_Real

    This version is way better than the original. I never heard the real song, so when I saw this I figured I'd check it out. I thought "How bad could it really be?". This was bearable, the original made me want to break my computer and sound system.

  • toban

    dear god this one is terrible, but actually better then the actual, why did you post this and trick me into watching the original

  • DNA

    Funny as Hell! FUN, FUN, FUN!!

  • 2cool4skool

    I always appreciate a post that makes me laugh loud enough for my boss to hear.

  • RobBroad4th

    Painfully unfunny.

  • Sarah

    I decided to see the real video first…. and well… I think I've gone deaf now… and have a sudden urge to smack that girl around. But this was awesome, I personally found it pretty hilarious!

  • NotaTrap

    Been said before…I''l say it again…MY HAND IS A DOLPHIN!

  • Thomas

    Its not available?

  • cam

    Awesome!!!!!!! I liked the heavy metal version also.

  • Alex

    Better version

  • Kelsey

    Thank you Chive. You made my day with this video. My roommate was lookin at me funny, then she watched it and we both lol'd.

  • Bob

    If only this could really happen.

  • me, me , me

    there's a dolphin!

  • Tanya Rancourt

    That was AWESOME! Loving the ending!

  • Matt

    the voice sounds like Louis CK to me

  • ale

    I nearly pulled my stomach muscles laughing when I heard:
    – everybody's RUSSIAN (brilliant)
    – which seat can I TAAAKEE

  • shane
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