• kashakesh

    ok, i think i just peed myself a little bit…

  • Splinter

    Epic ending full of winning!!! i actually lol'd!!

  • najamesk1

    i cant stop laughing…

  • Anonymous

  • shane
  • 0nemanwolfpack

    Laughed at this one but lost all faith in the human race after watching the original.

  • Justin

    this is better…

  • Creepster

    As a guy in his late 40s, I find thee girls in this video attractive. Anyone with me here?

  • Da Sandman

    the last part cracked me up ^^ the violin completes it

  • Dingleberg Slapdebak

    You know that feeling you get sometimes on Christmas Eve? There's a sort of magic in the air, a twinkling glow if you will. This video re-insures that all is right with the world…good will to all…and to all a good night!

  • Belrick

    This video should be banned.

    Its a trap!

    Having watched this funny p!ss take i went to youtube to compare the spoof to the original.

    Its a mistake to do so!

    i'm currently living in a sea of regret and remorse, my day is ruined and im comptemplating tearing my ears and eyeballs out with a spoon.

    Please use me as a warning DO NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES see the original video!

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