• That Guy

    how do you get -99 pnts? you said 'first' at the beginning of DAR didn't you? big mistake. i'm giving you a thumbs down just to get you to 100.

    • saltygary

      Poor assumption dick head. I got a -143 for this comment on the following post:

      Thumbs up if ass stain doesn't bother you.


      I will never try and be funny and ask for thumbs again…

      • Mark Hoffman

        I give you credit for sticking around.

        • saltygary

          Who the hell cares. As long as I don't say troll based things it doesn't affect me.

  • Dan

    Haha gotcha bitch!

  • Rick

    Well done fellas, well done.

  • Sir_Real


  • DNA

    Funny as Hell!

  • Nazz1962


  • 2cool4skool

    He was probably online, but was hoping for a cock-fight.

  • rawnoyz

    man, i hope this is real coz its fuccin epic!

  • teximport

    Show those bitches Bieber. Bitches LOVE bieber !

  • Ron Burgandy

    Stay classy, chatroulette.

  • bryainiac

    I think the fact that it was black guys laughing at them made it even better.

  • snow cone

    lol good post.

  • Gus

    Sorry, I fail to find much humor in tricking young girls (of questionable age), no matter how gullible, into exposing themselves. You do realize this is a sexual assault, no matter what their age, right?


    • Fake

      What r u talking about… this is hilarious… hopefully those girls will learn a valuable rule of the internet… n besides… did they even asked them to flash em?

    • Gus is a dbag

      fuck you gus

  • tisan

    hahahaha, it made my day!!

  • jessie

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………bahhahahaha…best joke ever!

  • jen

    someone should do the same thing to those guys (get a screen shot of some really hot girls but really have like an old dude jerking it)

  • Yeahbeer

    hahahah Epic!

  • Bob

    I like the part where the girls feel like assholes.

  • My_Rushmore

    Utterly amazing.

  • Keith

    Worst thing about this is that eventually those two ding batty females will be voting some day.

  • jken

    I love watching stupid people's dreams dashed

  • TheBlackChiver

    As another black guy. I will say the shit is epic because its a ROOM full.


    Both Beiber and the Black Horde are gifs. I WOULD KNOW THIS. I AM.


  • brotha

    i wanna see this video.!!

  • Palmer

    I used to go on ages ago and loads of people though i was him, i saw loads of titties, i have the screen prints somewhere 🙂

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