she has a great ASSet

    • Kyle Retrato

      Chive, FIND HER!!!

  • Vincent Pelletier

    great bottom

  • king

    no guy should ever say something

    • Henrik

      The only real man in that video is the skinhead!

  • Fatty McHoboson

    Now see, if it was Me doing this, someone would call the cops!

    • mum

      Now see, no one wants to see your tush

      Lots of love,

  • aaron

    Was that Scumbag Steve in the red? Never seen him without a hat.

  • assntitties

    happy hump day indeed


    HAHA phenomenal ass. "he must workout"

    • HUH?

      i see what you did there. nice d & d reference.


        gotta love D&D. nice catch

  • aosux

    It would be hard to refrain from smacking her butt right then and there.

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    very nice tush.

  • Jak

    If she was fat people would just walk the other way.

  • doodlecakes



    thanks :3

  • Signal_Lost

    I love the blank glazed-eyed stare from the guy in the red. "Huh? Oh yeah honey, that shirt is great, uh huh, uh huh sure…."

  • Yes indeed

    Chive we need to see MOAR of that butt!

  • Basement Cat

    love the creeper's girlfriend's reaction. xD

  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    sit on my face!!!!!

  • @LMFAOvids

    she does have a nice ass!!!

  • bisketz

    Nor would I. The guy in the red has the same reaction I would.

  • Matt

    haha thats funny and sexy at the same time. win-win

  • Wolfram


  • Nate

    those sound effects make me wanna kill myself

  • Anonymous

    Find her!

  • CB109

    butt is hot but STUPID and lame joke. NOT Chiveworhy.

    • PianoFingers

      I agree – this Benny Hill-like humour is outdated and NOT Chiveworthy (nice word!).

  • Heber Coll

    2:20 Oh man, got burned haha

  • Regis

    Who put or accept a fucked ad in Flash on this page? Now is impossible to see the Chive because this stupid ad with sound is working together the sound of page. Who can be too stupid in this way?

    • Some Body

      translator fail

      • Regis

        Google translate didn't fail, because I haven't used (not yet)…lol. My English that is too bad.
        See now in English by Google: Who's the motherfucka that put a flash ad on this page? Now when I browse the page of The Chive, the ad works in conjunction with the page and I get two different sounds simultaneously. That was better, no?

  • denzino

    that's nice. It's hard to believe that people would actually grab her skirt to "help"

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