Chive Everywhere (43 Photos)

'Chive Everywhere' is starting to blow up thanks to our Chivers. Y'all make this post what it is. All you have to do is snap a photo of yourself Chivin'. Make sure that familiar green Chive screen is somewhere in the shot. The key to this thing will be creativity. Simply taking a photo of your desk won't make the cut. - Tossing gasoline on your desk and lighting it on fire will make the cut.

Use our handy-dandy submit page to send us your 'Chive Everywhere' photos and collect internet fame.

Chive On!

John n' Leo

  • amos

    #1 probably the only time you'll ever see 10 half naked dudes on the homepage of the chive

    • Jakub Wrobel

      I'm surprised you took the time to count those 10 half-naked dudes.

      • Nathaniel Patrick-Bateman Fancypants

        I'm not.

    • Nazz1962

      Yeah, it's a complete sausage-fest in progress!

    • lolwut

      Are you counting Thailand Beauty Pageants?

    • Diana Santos

      i like it :$

    • craigarlen

      yeah, I don't know where that is, but the ratio is all messed up…

  • imdb sux

    for us motoGP chivers, #10 is just about the coolest thing ever

    • Patrick M.

      Now can he get us into Laguna Seca? That's the question!

  • rawnoyz

    i guess second aint too bad.

    • Sam McDonald

      But third totally sucks.

  • Jared Ward

    #17 Awesome photo! Come back home safe!
    #26 Glad to see people in Japan are using theCHIVE to get through those horrible times
    #29 GO KNIGHTS!

  • Kapper89

    #2 #17 very nice

  • Apoennim

    #17 is awesome!

  • Jared Ward

    #24 Is what I meant. Oh well. Loving the gap on #17!

  • Ken

    Loving #10 and #17! Nice!

  • rodrocks


    • rodrocks

      Nope Fourth.

  • nick

    I don't know if I want skeleton candy #32

    • Tdub66

      2 cats on the computer screen – Chive it baby!

  • Bryan


    • cheezwizzard


      • Georgeorgeorgeor...


  • rodrocks

    #7 Looks like Spring Break in Daytona, am I right?

  • Nazz1962

    #2 and #17 FTW!
    Can't forget our friends in Japan though … #26

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    Mind the gap! #17

  • DucFan

    motoGP filming, that has got to be the coolest job out there. Well outside of a chivette photographer anyway.

  • theeemightybuck

    where the hell are the cats in #32

    • 123

      There's one on the computer screen on the chive and I suspect that the other is on the chair under the white robe of the skeleton but that's just a guess cus I can't find it!! Yes I do have too much time on my hands…

    • Nazz1962

      I think the cats are in the reflection on the sunglasses … although I can't tell WHAT the reflection is, I just know those darned cats aren't anywhere else in the picture!

    • asdfasdf

      i think hes just messing with us…

      • Marley is king

        The hipster cat is on the computer…and I have no f ing clue where the other one is.

    • twisty

      maybe a part of an orange and white tail below the left side of the monitor?

    • JAFitC

      One on the screen (as pointed out by Marley is King), the other is reflected in the top bezel around the screen, just to the right of the two bright reflections. What kind of candy?

      • Stef

        Dude…it's South Africa. We don't have house cats here. Only lions – so you know he's messing with you.
        Chive on from SA

    • Chrissy d

      okay one cat on the screen and one cooool cat sitting in the chair? yeahhhhh?

    • Laurie

      There's also a little bit of hair in the far right of the pic, on top of the box, that could be a cat's tail. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the toilet paper is being used as tissues…

  • Nazz1962

    #32 the cats are in the sunglasses reflection??

  • newscot

    #22 I knew someone would eventually post a picture of this restaurant in my hometown. Just wish I'd gottern to it first…
    Chive on from Halifax!

    • Chive in the Killam

      I've always wanted to take a picture of that place. I'm glad to see some Chivers from Halifax.

    • chris

      Booyah! Halifax makes The Chive! Rock on! (I've been meaning to get around to taking a picture of that sign too…)

      • newscot

        Nice to know there's some fellow Haligonians on here…. that are just as lazy with their cameras as I am.

  • DaveMMM

    #43 … Awesome … Man Utd all the way

    • T Bags

      Glory Glory Man United!

      • Dick Naylor


    • Proud'merican

      My baby takes the morning train,
      He works from 9 to 5 and then,
      He takes another home again,
      To find me…watching the Manchester United Football team! The best FREAKIN team in all the land! Woohoo!

      • Jakub Wrobel

        That's pretty damn good lads!

        Hahahaha fucking awesome movie

    • RiKo

      Yeah mate! the reds kick @ss

    • kurt


      • Kevin Waller

        Gunners to take the title this year, regardless of current form.

    • Lower

      #43 is the same salute i give to utd. Jokes. They go alright.

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    I am guessing this is Tyler, Texas. Dallas Mavs hat, East Texas newspaper…

    • Justin Cheatham

      Actually this is Commerce, Texas, in The East Texan newsroom. I am the Sports Editor and the chive gets me through the day.

      Justin Cheatham

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    I am guessing this is Tyler, Texas. Dallas Mavs hat, East Texas newspaper… #33

  • Jules

    #19 and #28 Are awesome! Love me some mountains:)

    • Jesse

      Best Trip Ever! Beers at 10,000

  • itsnotatumor

    #1 But how do you keep from getting sand in your Schlitz?

  • Ddazed69

    whats up with the guys toes in #3??????

  • Rob


    Chiving Medics FTW.

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