I onry make fun of people I rearry rike (25 photos)

  • danrev

    actually.. not that funny, definitely not cracking up

    • http://lemoparty.org chivesucks

      Why is chive full of faggots?

      • Scorn

        Way to prove the superiority of your argument. "Faggots"? Haven't seen that wielded so skillfully since, oh, 7th grade.


      decided to post that it wasn't funny why??? keep your pointless thoughts to urself danrev!!!!!!!

      • Craig Finlay

        How dare you use the comment section to make a comment Danrev!!!

  • Jfrost

    #23 looks like fun

    • RufioRufioRuFi

      Lol, she can't wink

    • DaddyD

      She deserves her own post … every day.

      • Trevor

        She's one of the members of a Taiwanese girl band called S.H.E.
        The other two don't look half bad either.

    • Guest

      She's Hebe Tian, from the Taiwan band S.H.E

  • RufioRufioRuFi

    #8 Ya know how I know you're gay?

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      shut up, the guy has really sensitive nipples, and they are being too rough. leave the poor gay nerd fairy alone.
      cheers, beers!

    • 2DruNk2FraG

      What you don't see is the third girl. Thats his O-face.

  • misschris

    #24 – Get it girl!

    • Sick

      Like a boss!

    • Boooger

      Learning to drift at an early age.

    • SJay

      Parking like a Boss

  • Fritzgerald

    #14 no fucking hover hands there ^^

    • NothingToSeeHere

      Cup hands – the exact opposite of hover hands! Give these boys a round of applause!

      • Ron

        Too bad it's so obviously photoshopped.

        • Randy Marsh

          You've seen quite a few in your day, haven't you??

          • cheezwizzard

            yeah, every year during the holidays he shops himself into some other family's photo. FOREVER ALONE.

        • Liam

          I thought it looked photoshopped too

    • fool


  • Jay Bee

    I'm disappointed in you guys. Two racist posts in two days, what the hell Chive?!? Sure you post tasteless humor and the Chive is full of rampant sexism, but RACISM? Cut it out, seriously.

    • sniggi

      u mad j b?

    • http://www.facebook.com/scubasteve4 Steve Bradley

      Will you do us all a favor and leave please? No one wants you here.

    • SkyVader

      Thanks for stopping by. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

    • George

      How is it racist? Posting pictures of people looking funny is just that, people looking funny. The only reason that you say it is racist is because its an entire post dedicated to Asians, yet there are just as many pictures of white folks derping as well. If you don't like enjoying comical looking people than you can leave, but don't disrespect the Chive just so you can feel morally superior (of which your not).

      • yeahimwhitesowhat

        The title of the post is racist as hell. Also, the concept of the post: "HAHAHA ASIANS! THE VERY IDEA OF THEM!!! HAHAHA!" I don't feel morally superior at all, just way less ignorant and insensitive.

        • SpeedRacer

          "Haha, this guy's a queer, Haha"

      • scorn

        "How is it racist?"

        Gonna assume you're asking for real and not rhetorically here.

        Show me a post from the Chive dedicated exclusively to white folks and how different white folks are from normal people and how hilarious white people are.

        IF you do manage to find that, compare it to the pic from the other day:

        Notice the implied message: Asian people = abnormal. Again, find me the post that does the same for white people.

        • fry

          Wouldn't that be found in countless posts with 'MERICA… in the title ?

          • scorn

            Not quite, because

            1) 'Merica is not exclusively white so those posts don't have the same kind of racial single-mindedness that this one does, and

            2) because even if we go so far as to say, "Yeah, well, we're talking about the kind of America that gets pronounced 'Merica. You know, the kind with the rednecks," then you've already shown how we're not talking about how white people as a group are inherently abnormal or funny.

            Only certain "kinds" of white people. These Asian posts make no such distinction for Asians.

        • John Johnson

          "to white folks and how different white folks are from normal people"

          Newsflash, white folks are normal people.

          • scorn

            So…basically, you're just proving my point. Nice!

    • Chim Richels

      I suggest we have a post about your vagina.

      • Ken

        What a fantastic response! LOL!!

    • That Guy

      i think it should be a new rule that only the race offended can complain about racism. and how is this racist? please don't procreate.

    • That Guy

      it's not racist. didn't you read the title? 'i ONRY make fun of people i REARRY RIKE'. you see.. they rearry rike them.

    • Melanie

      AND they degrade women too!!!

      Blah, Blah, Blah.

      • yeahimwhitesowhat

        Yeah there is the Berry if you don't like the objectification of women… but there is no Non-racist Chive. You idiots are fooling yourself if you don't think the TIRED AS HELL joke of replacing Ls with Rs to make fun of people's accents is INSULTING. Sickos.

        • Jak

          I find it rather tasteful and funny. Kinda like masterbating on an airplane.

    • Ziff

      They are posting a lot of stuff lately that begs for complaints from people who think it's offensive. Nobody wants to read your whining though.

    • a.Nonee.Mouse

      Gosh, Jay Bee, that's as funny as a chink singing "Deck the Harrs."

      • yeahimwhitesowhat

        When I complain about the Chive alienating people, all I get is people jumping at the chance to alienate people some more. Stay classy, Chivers.

        • dub

          The Lesson: Stop complaining, for the love of Humanity.

    • tom

      i dont think asians give a shit, im part asian and i dont

      • yeahimwhitesowhat

        Way to respond for over a billion other people… seriously, you speak for all of them?

        • dub

          Yeah. I know Tom. He does.

        • ggg1228

          YOU are the one that is trying to speak for all Asians. Tom only gave an opinion and personal feeling.

        • Ams

          Relax, you will live longer.

          You will still be a arsehole putting her nose in where it absolutely unwanted, though.

          Site makes fun of itself, 'mericans, all races and you get high horse about this because they change the Ls to Rs?

          I ROR at you, ma'am

    • zach

      Really? have a sense of humor. if you're going to complain about everything the chive posts, then why bother looking?

      • Doughy

        really?? the most racist people are the one's noting the difference between people. The one's crying raicsim. Seriously, if you don't make fun of everyone equally, your a racist. I'm so sick of this racist bullshit card, the minute you vomit "I'm black, I'm asian, I'm white, I'm a fucking moron" your seperating your culture from others instead of just not giving a fuck cause everyone the same, a human. Treat 'em all the same, hate everyone equally.

        • yeahimwhitesowhat

          You are wrong. The act of pointing out insensitivity that is easily described as casual racism is in no way, shape, or form equal to HATRED. False equivalency, total right wing BS. Like the Pope recently saying that anti-gay Catholics are the real victims, not the minority they ridicule and shun.

    • d-b

      me no rikey

    • Leo

      Cause leo reads the comments and he revels in his racism. See, it's good to show outright contempt to the people who visit your site. otherwise, how would leo be able to affirm that his penis is big? (it's not)

    • Underhill

      What racism?? Is it racism if a site is all white people — uh no– uh — wait —

  • Nazz1962

    #24 LIKE A BOSS!

  • jamie

    #24 only in asia kids drift

  • SGT

    #24 the beggining of Tokyo Drift

  • Justin Hall


    Fuck, she's cute. What is it? The wink and the tongue? That would do it.

    • thefamilyman

      Hebe from taiwanese pop group S.H.E (she's the H)

  • Tean_Zu

    #3 I know I'll break her, but at least she's cheap and I can always buy another.

    • cantkillcastro


  • V4vendetta14

    #23 is really cute, but after seeing the trickery in #7, I can't say for sure…

    • cheezwizzard

      i know they make contacts that widens her eyes but what in the world takes away her jawline?

  • Jojo

    #25 made me laugh. You're guaranteed to cry in the ROKMC 😛

    • GK-4

      Korean Marines don't fuck around

  • sniggi

    you can tell they're Asian cuz they're doing a peace sign #14 #23

    • cheezwizzard

      it symbolizes V for victory

      • pfulmtl

        In Japan when you say two, it's pronounced "ni" and when you say ni, your mouth makes a smile shape. It's just like in Merica where we say "cheeze" for pictures.

  • sniggi

    i c wut u did thar

  • free willyyyy

    No f*cking way #2 is asian. That's just an old white woman with narrow eyes and an obsession for cold pale sparkly things.

    • Leo

      Hey, if you have black hair, Leo thinks you might be Asian. (he's not the brightest white hood in the cross burning)

  • Stofer

    #24 like a boss.

  • George

    You want to see a real boring post? Try the same thing but with white people.
    You want to see a real not boring post? Try the same thing but with black people.

    • SkyVader

      Again and again, thanks for stopping by. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

      • ssf

        me no rikey your reply

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tomas-Larence-Calvillo/568832816 Tomas Larence Calvillo

          You're putting theChive down for being racist and then you reply "me no rikey your reply" GTFO!

          • ssf


      • yeahimwhitesowhat

        So, what, you love every single post on the Chive? No one is allowed to post a critical comment in the COMMENTS SECTION? What do you do, walk down the street telling everyone you meet to shut up and leave wherever you happen to be? Puh-leeze.

        • fob brigade

          my middle finger usually says it all. no need for words.

    • dub

      It's called the "Merica post, or the "Meanwhile in.." post..

      I don't think anyone necessarily finds hatefulness in any of this. The Chive makes fun of pretty much anyone. Most of these pictures are from previous posts, you just don't see them have their own gallery.

  • Jesse

    Is #7 for real?

    • Craig

      Pretty sure it's bogus.. Nose structure can't be changed with make-up

      • humanoid005

        Actually, the nose part is easy.
        She just lighten her whole face (top right) then darken the sides of the nose (bottom left) balancing it's color to the whole face while leaving the middle part light.
        If you look closely you can see her real nose.

      • PeepeeHead

        Light face make up, darker makeup around the nose for shading to give structure, colored contacts to give her doll eyes, fake eye lashes and most likely a wig. Done. Easy.

  • Blues

    I want a friend like #14!

    • Ming Tao Smith

      Actually, they are siblings. I went to school with the one in the red.

  • yeahimwhitesowhat


    • lol


    • SkyVader

      Again and again and again, thanks for stopping by. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

      • yeahimwhitesowhat

        At least I have something to say… how about you just write TL;DR to any post of any substance. Troll.

        • Rob

          You're not white asian stop changing your comment name so rarry

    • Ken

      Put a white face on every Asian and call the heading, "This is quite shallow and pedantic"… would you call that racism too cause it goes both ways! Take it easy… there is nothing offensive here! damn!

      • yeahimwhitesowhat

        Nothing offensive to you maybe. The Ls to Rs joke is played out and UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED by comedy writers to be a no-no. The only time that lame old joke is referenced, it is to MOCK anyone who still thinks its funny or acceptable behavior (see Steve Carrell's "character" Ping on The Office). Its kind of funny because of how IGNORANT those who find it funny.

        • Doughy

          wana cry in my lap? cause obviously your vag bleeding, but you still got a mouth to use.

        • Joe

          Oh get your head out of your ass. This mentality that Asian people need you to crusade for their respect is just as bad as what you're complaining about. Racism is part of us because we see these differences and you, whether you notice it or not are resorting to it as well. You're treating Asians as if they are something different from other people, when in reality race means nothing because we're all just human beings. Stop whining about racism and notice that there will always be differences and we will always notice them. Get over it.

          • yeahimwhitesowhat

            Sorry if I hate shitty comedy enough to call it for what it is: LAME and NOT COOL. Period. I'm not talking about differences. I'm called bullshit on a bullshit post. Go watch Jeff Dunham yah hump.

    • formosa forever

      I don't think this is racist. I am Asian and I find "OH HERRO!" fucking hilarious. I don't always ching chong, but when I do, I ting tong.

      • yeahimwhitesowhat

        "Oh Herro"…isnt that from TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE?

    • hapa_nerd

      As a (half) Asian, I wouldn't call this post racist. The term "racist" implies hate. I don't see any of that here. The pictures would be still be funny if the people in them weren't Asian because the humor is based on the situations represented in each photo, not the subjects' race. The title isn't hilarious, but it's not overwhelmingly offensive, either.

    • Leo

      It's all Leo man. He's the only one who does it.

      I'm looking forward to a future post of nappy headed hoes and mexicans running under a border fence.

  • prankster

    #12 is just skill.

    • cantkillcastro

      I bet it was a woman….
      I bet she was changing lanes
      I bet there was no blinker involved.

  • lidalida

    Asians are awesome.
    Your argument is invalid.

  • ss396maxx

    #24 Future champion drifter

    • Jak

      Chances are by the time she gets her license she won't be able to park in a regular space let alone parallel

  • ssf

    HAHAHAHHAHA! Me rikey! Me rikey long time!!!


    • ssf

      and for the record, I was being sarcastic.

      Chive, you're cool and all but the racist shit? Stop acting like the drunk asshole at the party.

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