Modern desert home makes Mexico look a little less crappy (17 photos)

This is one of two identical houses built in Todos Santos, Mexico by famed architectural firm Gracia Studio.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    I kinda wonder if it's finished with all the concrete showing, and the poor tile work. modern architecture, pfft!
    cheers, i keep all the beers!

  • Fuckthechive

    Dumb sumsofbeaches all of you.!
    This is a joke.! this is 3-4 play woods put together for an Add , that is all.
    Plus, fuck yo dumb fucks @ CHIVE for the title, less crappy..fuck you a million times, this pile of shit page is shit,t just like a million other picdump sites, all steal from one another, so nothing original, FUCK YOU BITCHES..

    • ale

      relax dude, ain´t that big deal. We have terrible things, and wonderful things in this country, U know it…

      • miles

        i think he is more angry at the chive than the house.

  • Jules

    No sleeping in at those houses- wall length windows with no curtains. No thank you I'llkeep my double wide in CO instead.

    • Jules

      #15 ^

      Plust the house in the background in #5 looks WAY nicer!

  • Sheng

    'Art' excludes 'logic' in their philosophy. I bet the architect must be a brilliant artist, because the logic is sensibly nonsense.

  • Alf

    LoL I'm still surprissed on how the world thinks everybody gets killed over here LoL, if that was the case Mexico would be a ghost town don't you think, people getting killed are involved in some sort of drug related business (most of them), I've lived all my life here and its been a blast. Don't get sucked in by the media stop watching all those news, I'm not saying its a safe place to live but It's not that bad if you don't get involved in that crap…

  • Cristobal

    Im a big mexican fan of this site, but seriously, "less crappy"?? thats kind of offensive…

    • Alex

      Thank you I was going to say the exact same thing… calling our country crappy doesn't make yours better…

    • @elcocov

      I feel offended too. Chive, you let me down.

    • nekochan

      i was thinking the same… a little less crappy???

    • Omar Hernández Partes Grandes

      And to add the stereotypical desert… As if ALL Mexico is covered in sand.

  • Emilio Rodriguez

    Its actually kinda……crappy …….and im mexican XD …ive seen better contructions on my block

  • pol

    Not anymore, those people don't care if there's civilians around so a lot of innocents still die.

    It depends on luck, really.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Track homes are us…LOL

  • Steven

    that place is a POS

  • Uriel Robles

    That title implies that Mexico is crappy, and I'm mexican, so.. yeah, I think a "fuck you" is in order.

  • Cthulhuspawn

    No Donkeys?

  • Christian Lander

    Stuff White People Like # 79, Modern Furniture

    When white people envision their dream home, a key part of the fantasy involves a least one piece of furniture designed by a famous architect from the 1930s.

    Architects like Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier designed iconic modern furniture that has inspired virtually everything made by Ikea and Design Within Reach, both of which are key suppliers of furniture to white people.

    But as with all things, white people will do whatever it takes to secure authenticity including paying thousands of dollars for a small piece of furniture.

    If they are able to acquire this prized furniture, they will forever refer to it only by the designers name. “I spend hours in the van der Rohe, just looking through these beautiful books of his work.”

    Referring to a white person’s expensive chair as a ‘chair’ is considered poor form and will likely result in a loss of trust and/or respect.

    The best strategy for avoiding this faux pas is to look for the most uncomfortable chair in a white person’s home and ask “who designed that?” If they say “Ikea” or “Design within Reach” you can call it a chair, otherwise refer to it only by the name they give you.

    It should also be noted that many white people are unable to acquire this furniture, but that does not mean you cannot use this information to your advantage.

    In situations where you need to improve your connection with a white person, just mention how you hope to be successful enough to one day afford an original piece of furniture by <insert obscurely named architect>. If they have heard of the designer they will nod in agreement, if they have not, they will also nod in agreement and make a note to look it up later.

    In either case, your status will rise.

  • LeonardoB

    it's a fucking sand box, famed architects? Jesus H Christ

  • Javier

    Im form mexico, im also an architect; and this joints looks like a place to sell tacos….Taco Bell tacos.

  • Mouse

    The worst post tittle I've seen here…. what happened?? Chive on!!! Less prejudice, less racism. Greetings from Mexico

  • malen

    The title is pretty offensive man

  • LagunaLoireLL

    is Rey pila House !!!

  • Leo

    I was really disappointed, by the title I thought we were going to have funny pictures of beaners, right, Leo? Them other races sure are funny!

  • Alberto

    Uhmmm I feel terrible thinking that Chive can make a section from mexican Chivettes but can say anything good about our country…. Saludos Mexicanos

  • Omar Hernández Partes Grandes

    How bout this too? AND it's Northernmost.

  • Omar Hernández Partes Grandes

    Mexico's beautiful. Not cool, Chive, not cool.

  • pol

    Yeah I honestly don't know why you got so offended, I live there so I know how it works. I don't know how many people have been killed in the US by drug cartels but you still can't compare a whole country to a few states, it's bad but people have learned to live with it (unfortunately).

    Sorry if I sounded like an ass.

  • Shift

    hahaha i was expecting some racist comments, im also mexican, yeah there is a lot of shit going on right now, but it isnt as bad as everyone from outside the country thinks…..but for some DAR, Chivettes, etc?…i think ill forget by tomorrow…Chive On.

  • iAm1-NAMI

    A swimming pool in a desert region Brilliant use of a scarce local water supply. Oh but ground water is infinite isn't it?

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