• slick

    #26 animals I don't hate.

  • Anonymous

    Please credit http://www.MyBadParent.com for the pictures, thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/carli.smith123 Carli Smith

    ………Where does one find a Hitler doll?

  • http://thechive.com Sarah

    I just saw #25 the other day. I'm happy someone took a picture of it. Oh, and there were three kids in the bed of that truck, not just the one that you can see. So, it gets just a little worse.

  • yomamma

    some of these gave me more Facepalm than Lulz

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  • Finn mccool

    Im sure #20 is the same “only the dog knows for sure” kid. That’s one messed up kid.

  • Simply Simon

    What’s wrong with #22? I had that exact Charlie Chaplin doll as a kid.

  • F-oo

    A lot of these parents I have read articles about going to jail for these pictures.

  • http://jesusincleats.com/?p=666 Daily Dump

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  • Nick

    #17 reenacting the hangover?

  • yup

    Wow #27 is f’d up

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