• Billy Bob

    love it.

  • Burpo


  • YeahThatsRight

    So, what did he shoplift?

  • jesus

    beast mode

  • Bryan

    Now if he can only find the door

    • Joben

      you must never drink you pussy…it was one fucking beer

      • Dave

        Watch the video again Chief, it's a whole bottle.

      • eints

        It was a whole bottle of Estonian wine

  • bobs419

    Scumbag Steve's Dad?!?!?!?@!

    • Ryan

      LMAO! Bring back scumbag Steve!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dylan-Termeer/516388246 Dylan Termeer


  • Boscoe

    Why/how was the security camera following him around like that? FAKE.

    • the Truth

      Because he was suspected of theft… so, they followed him with a security camera… in order to get evidence…duh.

    • not paula

      Agreed. Security cameras are set up to watch an area, not to track individuals.

      • Jessi

        Nope, you can move them…I've worked at a big department store, and you can follow who ever you want with a little joy stick

  • equalizermax

    Because he spend his last money buying chive's shitty t-shirt…

    • DCMOFO

      Who learned you how to wrote?

  • Mikey WINS

    I'm not as think as your drunk I am!

  • BjD21

    He might want to get that black bar that keeps showing up over his eyes checked out.

  • Floopa Joopa

    With the hot jazz playing, all I could think of was Gob Bluth in the pet store buying his doves.

  • mick

    Why even bother blocking his eyes out for like 2 seconds

  • gaz

    it is called theft by consumption

    • dub

      It's called Russian Interest.

      • SweetAwesomeness

        dude…as long as he pees it out while he is still in the store…then he never left with the liquor….this guys a genius

        • Adam Sandler

          leave all bodily excretions in the bathroom. didn't steal. re-located.

    • Hero

      This video isn't called "Theft by Consumtion 101"

  • birdzy

    Not shown: He later regurgitated it for his kids in the nest. Don't you feel bad now?

  • BigDingo

    Cool story brah (*gives thumbs down*)

  • Jolinar

    lol, this guy is from Estonia (look it up on the map).

  • Risto

    This is a guy from Estonia. The story here is, he got out of prison and had no money and felt like drinking. To do so he visited three shops in downtown area and had a quick shnaps. The news spreaded fast and the sequrity companies already knew how the guy looked like. That's how they knew to follow him with the camera. In this clip it is not shown how they busted him, but they did. This is a true story, Estonians beat the Irish at drinking anytime (google world's top alcohol consumers).

    • James

      It spreaded? Nice way to spell…

      • ramalamadingdong

        now let's see your estonian

    • WhatWillBee

      When theres a global day of drinking in celebration of your country, then and only then will you beat the Irish.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jmitchell6799 Joey Mitchell

    Could have sworn he was a Russian.

    • dub

      no, he actually looked pretty relaxed.

  • jason


  • ShamWOW

    This guy is a boss.

  • Treeo

    that was savage.

  • eints

    He lives in Estonia. his name is Maks…

  • eints

    operating since 2007 in Estonia

  • ken

    I just like how he politely screwed the cap back on and placed it on a nearby shelf. How considerate!

  • Daniel

    I wouldn't want my eyes blocked out… bragging rights, come on!

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