Things that bounce Thursday (12 GIFS)

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  • cooper

    #5 .. awesome

    • Your Welcome

      • Gutts

        Holy god….

      • Fapramento

        You guys should check out this chick's videos too…pretty unreal.

        A couple highlights: (she has TWO channels of stuff like this!)

        I have no clue what the fuck she is talking about – I usually mute it.

  • Random

    #12 – set them free !!!

    • kazyctn

      Am I the only one who thinks this girl looks remarkably like the girl from Teen Wolf?

      • its_forge

        Lorie Griffin. They could be twins.

    • Kevin

      What video is this from??????

    • Frank M

      Damn, those are lucky hands!

  • Rasmus

    #13 this is beginning to be a common occurrence…

    • Dirty Dingus

      It almost seems like it's getting faster….

    • Dan

      That's because it's your average American girl.

      • mikey

        …and her name is Paula….:p

    • PointBlank_

      still one of the best bouncy thursdays yet!

    • sethapotomus

      The Chive used to do this all the time when they first started. It's kind of cool to see it back. Though sometimes it is traumatic …

  • bob


    • Jason Morton

      Why would you go there? Really?

    • Mynameismud

      its funny cuz u werent, and u r universely hated

  • ire7ny

    #7 she's like jenny mcarthy circa the 90's, can act like an ass and still be sexy as hell

    • bgleicher

      Olivia is just better tho.

      • Wat

        Last name?

        • BigHate

          Olivia Munn

  • Tits_McGee

    My thoughts exactly!

    • Tits_McGee

      Full youtube video of the hot blonde in 4 & 5.

      • Jak

        The chick behind the camera needs to stay there.

      • CHiver

        MOAR of her! Chive you must FIND her!

  • Kibble

    You kidding me? number 13? Damn you!

  • KmanS

    What an anti-climax! #13


      I climaxed I don't know what you're talking about.

    • EZEE

      It shrunk up and went inside me, and now refuses to come out.

  • ISU Birds

    #5 Now that's something special right there.

  • ashley_e_love

    #13 is dancing perfectly to my sts9 track I have playing

  • Grifo

    <Sigh> Oh how I love gravity…

  • ss396maxx

    Why is it I'm thanking God for the Chive each and everyday? Oh wait … I know! It's becasue of post like #12

  • stuff

    #4 & #5 those are just plain wonderful. Those cans almost smacked her in the face. Find her Chive!!

    • Frankie Muniz

      all over youtube it's like a five minute video. And yes I would love to motorboat the shit out of them puppies.

      • Wolfram


        Yeah… anyway. Agreed. Fucking epic titties.

        • Wolfram

          Oh, and here you go:

          • Morgan Freeman

            awesome!! thanks for putting up the video dude. now it should be easier for the chive to find those beautiful natural boobies.

    • Tillman

      I couldn't agree more, stuff. She belongs to the world now.

      • JAMESJ

        I sent this to John and had no idea there was a full vid.
        The Chive coming through….VERY COOL>

  • Pooper

    Was anyone else stuck on #9??

    • Pooper

      i ment pic #8 but 9 is also nice to look at

    • mynameismud

      that and #10

    • Fritzgerald

      is #9 an angry Jessica Biel?!?

      • JDC

        Yeah, it's from a skit on Jimmy Kimmel. It had her, Kristen Bell, Lindsay Lohan, and a bunch of other actresses.

        • JMikeH

          Humpalaties I believe.

  • Tom

    #4, #5..who is this? PLEASE FIND

    • Timothy Parrish

      Dude.. To me seriously that looks like freaking Allison Angel…. Even if it's not… We need to find her o.o

      • WirelessCable

        If I'm not mistaken she looks like Danni from Scrubs aka Tara Reid

    • Morgan Freeman

      she has a video on youtube. we need MOAR of these natural beautiful breasts !!!

  • newscot

    #8 caught me completely off guard. I was not prepared for that level of boobage.

    • Bishop

      Find her

      • Michael Martinez

        that's porn star Sara Jay

        • Randy Marsh

          I know she's a bit older, but I would destroy her.

          • word

            Whatever, Darsh

            • Tmoze

              Haha, that was awesome…Darsh

        • Steven Schroeder

          I don't know… I'm not convinced. I looked her up, and Sara Jay's about 3 or 4 cup sizes above the chick in this gif. Maybe this is her a while back before all the surjureez.

    • Carlos Fogelquist

      Isnt that Sara Jay?

      • Engelbert Humperdink

        Demi Scott

        • NJF

          Demi Scott >>>> Sara Jay

  • Captain Obvious

    #13 The sad thing is… Most of these girls I can't get. At least, SHE is a sure thing!

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Yeah all 13years of her….you go Romeo!

    • Captain Obvious

      Are you sure? Im bettin that is her pad! Romeo? What am i standing in line??

  • ROK247


    YAH i know it's down there LET'S HAVE A LOOK!

    • denzino

      so today has been hilarious throughout the day and I have laughed plenty of times. This is the funniest thing I have seen all day!!!! Thank you sir.

  • Malkintosh22

    #3 What were they trying to prove there?

    • speedingdemon181

      That is just an old school bicycle 180 stopie. Just doing it over a chic instead of a curb or whatever.

      • Cqcumber

        the rear wheel touched her right tit gently, thats mad skills demonstration man

  • prat_attack

    #3 – "just lie down on the ground. I'm gonna smack you in the titty with my back tire. Trust me, it'll be awesome"

    • ROK247

      he flicked her boob with his back tire ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

      • prat_attack


    • whitneysouth

      I wonder how they convinced her to let him do this.
      Must have been some pretttty intense persuading.

      • ROK247

        are you easily persuaded into doing stupid things that you would most likely regret later? 🙂

        • whitneysouth

          Depends,… if alcohol is involved in the persuading or not. haha

      • aleXTC

        maybe she is just dumb 😛

    • Justthetip

      Hover tire!

  • Karch

    More of #4 and #5 She's so hot.

  • calaman012

    Followed by –


    • Duaneo

      I had to scroll #13 off the screen to be able to enjoy #12!


    #5 how did they stay in? I think I'm going to observe till they fall out.

  • aosux

    I barely made it past #8

    • Wally

      There was more after #8?

  • Gern Blanston

    #3 surgical boob strike, nice. Wonder if that feels like a kick in the nards…

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