Water towers are home sweet home for some (21 Photos)


  • Brad

    #4 actually ain't too bad.

  • lidalida

    #10 Imma be a light AND water tower. Bitcheeeeees

  • Fart

    #1 Is awesome. Iv'e always loved that house in Sunset Beach, CA. You can rent it out for the summer too.

    • ZJfromUrMom

      Incorrect. This is in Huntington Beach, CA and it is for sale last I checked..

      • Haterade

        either way, you'd be surrounded by douchebags in flat brimmed hats and UFC shirts.

        • Nazz1962


      • garganoth

        O.o it is in Sunset Beach next to harbor house… Huntington ends at the traffic light where the bird sanctuary is.

        • eggggggggggy

          sunset beach has been annexed by huntington beach

      • MinorDefect

        Its Sunset Beach, not Huntington.. I rented it for a week about 5 years ago. Its cool but the elevator to get up was sketchy..

      • Robert

        It is actually Sunset Beach. I only know cuz Harbor House restaurant is almost next door in the menu shows Sunset Beach as their address.

      • chukfin

        Incorrect. This is in Sunset Beach, CA.

      • Jack McCoy

        Sunset Beach, Seal Beach & Surfside are all apart of the city of Huntington Beach.

  • Josh Gorter

    #9 would be pretty awesome

  • http://thechive.com jmac

    I would have liked to see inside a few more of them…

  • imbrovvn

    I think #10 looks more like a Light house… Still cool to live in one thought.

  • RustyxTrombone

    Cool would like to see more of the inside though.

  • bgleicher

    Michael Kelso is probably foaming at the mouth after this.

  • pdiddily420

    I wonder what the acoustics are like in some of these that incorporated the actual metal container at the top into the design. Probably sounds weird.

  • equalizermax

    Great! Now you have a house that looks like a Penis

  • Ro'

    A home in a water tower never occured to me but it would be brilliant! As well as diabolically secure against burglars if you have a rectractable ladder.

  • Nazz1962


  • the Truth

    water they thinking?

  • Honest Joe

    This is a fantastic idea and a great reuse of unused public property. But if I lived there I don't think I'd be able to keep the Animaniacs theme song out of my head!

    …and we're zany to the max….

    • sugar

      awesome. And I agree.

  • Boomheadshot

    These aren't houses, they are zombie apocalypse shelters. Seriously stock that puppy up and enjoy your days headshotting the undead.

    • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

      Exact same thing I thought of

  • g5guy

    All I can think of when I see these places is that it would suck to move all your shit and carry groceries up those stairs

  • Nicnac

    #21 would be a chimney stack…

  • sniggi

    do they have indoor plumbing

  • Lindsey

    I've gotten to my car WAAAY too many times and realized I forgot something in the house to even remotely consider living in something like that.

  • WhatWillBee

    Who needs a ferrari when you can overcompensate with a more obvious phallic symbol.

  • drew

    Kind of gives a new meaning to living in a fishbowl, particularly #'s 3-6.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot one

  • pvsocal

    I totally partied in number 1-2 last 4th of July.

  • murph

    how ironic would it be to live in a water tower with no running water?

  • Abrikosmanden

    #19 and #20 almost made me shed tears! That water tower is in Gentofte, Denmark where I grew up! Did NOT expect to see that on theCHIVE!!!
    I kissed a few girls at parties at that place, when I was in pre school…

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