Water towers are home sweet home for some (21 Photos)


  • hapa_nerd

    #17 looks like a PEZ dispenser

  • ShadowKllr

    I had this idea for one 20 years ago and everyone said I wuz nutz!. NOWWWW everybody wants to live in one. Make up your minds already.

  • slick

    I love this idea. I'm buying a new home… I wonder what is required to get a water tower zoned residential??

  • Adam

    I think the irony would be if a water tower caught on fire.

  • MeisterMon

    What they don't show is #1's view is overlooking a beach in Southern California (argue all you want about which beachtown it resides in) that is normally sunny and beautiful… Of course there are going to be deuche bags, but the trade-off is sexy chivettes in bikini's within your reach. Boo ya!!!

  • Nick

    #13 I'm oooogling this! this is so gorgeous. I'm so glad somebody had the foresight to preserve this. it's like steampunk modern.

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