• Jessica

    because it just shows how smart the parents are and how the baby will grow up to be a dumb ass kid. Mr. Reynolds, i feel bad for your future kids or kids if you have, god forbid, any at the moment.

    • David

      cursing a few times as an infant has very little to do with the kind of person you grow up to be. it's not like this girl is 10 and says that in school, she's in a high chair FFS.

      if you don't like the way other people raise their own children, then raise your children in a way you see fit.

      it's a video about a little girl that picked up a bad phrase and repeated it a few times. it's not a soapbox for your (wildly fictional) theories on other people's parenting. zip your lid.

  • Matt

    Bad parenting 101 right here!!! That guy behind the game gets the gold star. Great job dad your kid gonna be one hell of a potty mouth.

  • GimletMike

    After the kind of day I had at work today, this kid is my hero.

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    • Hay i am Qader

      call kro apni man chudao

  • totisgr

    🙂 something about babies cursing that i love…

  • Thomas Wesley

    you are old… an old stinky complainer.
    truth be told, no one cares Bill.

  • Thomas Wesley

    cue the self righteous parenting comments…

  • 0nemanwolfpack

    Parenting Fail

  • Kyle

    Right, because a 1 year old girl who somehow learned "f**k it" and has no idea what it means, is going to grow up to be a dope-smoking dropout, just like your nephew (because all people who swear go to jail). Nevermind the fact that the dad is telling her not to say it. Just appreciate the humor, and calm down a little bit. The world needs humor right now.

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  • Sam

    Funny.. Always funny when lil ones swear. And I agreee with those who say it won’t affect how the kid grows up to be… The kid doesn’t even knooooow what it means yet alone if she’s pronouncing it right. Lol she’s just looking for attention and is getting by saying that. She probably thinks she’s communicating something to her dad like ‘i’m full’lol

  • Anonymous

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