Daily Afternoon Randomness (30 Photos)

  • oh4fuckssake

    Not sure why, but that last bit was touching…….

  • http://twitter.com/Gamle_Eirik @Gamle_Eirik


    For more of this: http://www.alltelleringet.com/

  • Brother Maynard

    Is it just me or did all the pictures just get moved down by 1 w/ a new first picture?

    All the comments look pretty funny now.

  • Eeik5150

    DAR in HD! Gotta love Friday (and I'm not talking about that god awful Rebecca Black song either).

  • busted

    #27 made me lol a little too hard. Someone needs to breed a mini giraffe STAT

  • Jules

    Adding pics at the last minute I see….. Nice treat for the lingering commenters:)

  • Brother Maynard

    And fixed, well done Chive.

  • Brother Maynard

    #30 forces me to forgive you Chive.

  • Duaneo

    #29 made me laugh, #30 was f-ing awesome!

  • Jason

    #14 Stop the Top Gear who is that!….in….the backround….ok that sounded better in my head.
    #28 nom nom nom

    • jojoleb

      yeah but whats with the STUPID LEG comment on the picture ?

      • Guest

        Durp. It's blocking the view!

  • akajako

    Okay, maybe I'm slow, but is there something going on in #1 that I'm missing? Do I have to wait for it?

    • FoamyJr

      I might be crazy, but it looks to me like a young Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #26 – Are you trying to make a grown man cry……………cause you pretty damn close!! Guinness Time!

  • bigguy

    The caption on #1 should be on #30 …. just sayin'

  • vic

    #12 Not wet enough 😦

  • Busternut

    All I know about #14 is that the man is Richard Hammond from BBCs Top Gear. The audience member is hot though 😉

  • Andy Gonzo

    #27 Opulence he has it

  • Sean


  • Haterade

    #9 "all rise"

  • its_forge

    #30 Heavenly. Absolutely heavenly.

    • Lance

      I completely agree…….*serious stare*

  • Toots McGee

    #16 Where have you been all my life!!?? Good Gawd!

  • Jeff Mullin

    #25 This is why i love the chive. Yeah, the hot chicks are great and my day just isn't complete without DAR, but this is great shit guys.

  • hng

    who is #1?

    Kinda looks like carrie fisher

    • Jeff

      It is

  • Oneliners

    Who's that in the background..FIND!

  • FoamyJr

    #1 is a young, yummy Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), no?

  • ZedsDead

    Someone needs to post some more of # 9. @Haterade haha..all "rise" …nice.

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