Daily Afternoon Randomness (30 Photos)

  • Alejandro Loret


    • The Dude

      Fist time for me too

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaredsward Jared Ward

    For the love that is everything chive-a-licious please post more of #16

  • Anonymous

    #29 is hilarious

  • kessel81

    please moar #1

    • TitoRigatoni

      images.google.com – "carrie fisher young"
      you're welcome.

  • kualjo

    I think #11 is looking all the way down to #12.

  • Karl

    #30 stopped me dead in my tracks, Holy goodness, I am rocked.

  • WoogyMonster

    Those melons are ripest for the pickn. I'd give away my midget on a leash just to see them up close. #12

  • skylarrr

    #29…..HA HA HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA….ohhh, ha ha he ha ho.

  • Diana Santos

    #27 girafe got a scarf too ❤ nice message..we have to treat well those we love…or we can lost them

  • Ian

    Wow, I've never seen #18 before ever. How original.

  • until
  • Twash

    When I first saw #30 I was like nooo its the last pic then I kept scrolling and I was like YESSSS

  • BobSugar

    #12 There so life like. #1 What a back-in-the-day Hottie!!!

  • isawoj

    John, now you're just fucking with us. Please take off the scarf and kill it with fire and then entomb the ashes in a Zima bottle and be done with it.

    • isawoj


      • isawoj


        • isawoj

          Yes, scarf

          • isawoj

            Is that a neckerchief?

            • isawoj


        • isawoj


          • isawoj


  • ken

    #30 – wonderful way to view France. Bon!

  • hmmmmmmmmmm

    #30..why don't ladies cut the tags off of their thongs as soon as they get them, not a good look

    • 99Dug

      Um…if you're looking at the tag…I might have some bad news for you….

      • TitoRigatoni

        agreed – I for one couldn't make it past the fact that the seams in her stockings aren't straight. Jeez, get it together, you're getting your picture taken.

  • http://twitter.com/EricDLarson4278 @EricDLarson4278

    #30 has left me speechless. I really don't know what to do anymore….simply amazing.

  • Oskar

    #30 COÑO !!!!!!!!

  • laura

    I like John. I like him a lawt.

  • johnny

    more #28

  • http://www.twitter.com/whitneysouth11 whitneysouth

    John you are such a tease.
    Got me all excited to be in the DAR for the first time.

    I'm wondering if this is your game…
    Gettin me all worked up…
    Then, nothin. 🙂

    • denzino

      don't worry, we know you'll get there 🙂 you've got my vote

  • http://thechive.com jmac


  • Ray

    please more #16

  • Caleb

    #14 is Richard Hammond of Top Gear. Also, please find the girl on the right. I would like to marry her.

    • isawoj

      James Mays' little sister.

  • Nate

    Very sneaky of you Chive….. Word of mouth advertising…. You must have a bet out there regarding hits on the site this weekend…. Sure! I'll call a friend and have them look at the site… Well Played.

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