Dirty Afternoon Randomness (28 HQ Photos)

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  • MGWebbington

    #20, Great looking 350…

    #27, Great looking boobies…

  • PurexSin

    Would kill for #12

    • http://proedross.blogspot.com plr

      what car is this?

      • Rick

        Hyundai R spec Genesis w/ aftermarket turbo, so on

  • Jimmy

    #13 Duke boys would be proud.

  • Carlos SLB

    #7 DOUCHBAG!!!!

    • Travis V

      Come on do your research. Diesel engines are much more efficient that gas engines. The black particulate matter or "Soot" is merely unburnt fuel and falls back down to the earth where it came from naturally. There is a reason most of Europe uses Diesel engines…

      • GRadde

        I see your point, but I'm not so sure about Deisels being used in "most of Europe".

  • bonezoz

    #14 looks like my old 89 Ranger I had, except I was a moron and bought the 2wd version

  • 93GT

    #23 looks so cool. i wanted to get an suv with tracks but i heard they're 30k 😦

  • Cqcumber

    red neck struck again.

  • burnalottagasguy

    Find it PLEASE!!!! Where is #2??? Parts heaven is here on earth….I need it….

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