Duckfacebook. (28 photos)

  • dickiethebrickie

    no 17 is Mrs Doyle off Father Ted

  • Metrodetroiter

    #2 is Shannon from Fordham. Haven't seen her for a while.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #23 John you fucking drinking again whats this shit….this goes on the berry Dam it….sis talk to this boy shessssssssssssss

  • LJB

    Seriously, get a life. How many of those posts are from the same person? You're a fuktard. Don't you have better things to do than spout shit all over TheChive?

    • Big Mike

      says the man spitting shit like fucktard on the chive. way to "dumb yourself down" in order to make a point. im bored at work and having fun talking shit. you seem to be taking this a little too personal.

      heres some advice..go to the chivette section and relieve a little stress. shit aint that serious, fucktard.

  • hello


  • john

    #14… i hate sluts but love boobs… what's a guy to do in this world?

  • redskin

    #27 thats one cute oompa loompa

  • kelli

    impressively subtle

  • kualjo

    Duck. Face. Douche. Bag.

  • noway Jose

    #2 Gets a hall pass on the duck face.

  • maxim2boobles

    DSL on #1 #3 #18 #20 #21

  • Victor Montalvo


  • Johnson Fitswell

    Look at the fun-bags on that hose hound.

  • Steven

    Noticed a lot of future lower back problems and only a few duck faces

  • ryanmkd

    Can we get an ID on numero 13?

  • 0nemanwolfpack

    #15 This is the first time I forgive a duckface

  • sallisal

    You gotta admit it's interesting how this phenomenon has taken over. Someone breaks out a digital cam and you or some chick is making that face.

  • :)

    #12 & #28 the best examples of how not to apply make-up, girls, take a hint and look into the mirror

  • lidalida

    #3 #15 Doublepost, chive?

  • Pat

    #6 wow how old?

  • XIII

    Only hot ones was the girls not doing it are #11 and #25

  • bmnp

    puste lachony

  • KeyserSoze

    make it stop…

  • swan cock

    the only thing that makes a duckface better is my balls dangling on her chin.

  • countree grown

    PLZ get Plastic Barbie off.

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