Hot Right Now: Next Level Sh*t: White Hot Edition (12 Photos)

Duckfacebook. (28 photos)

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  • rodrocks

    #7 Still hot duck face or not!!!

  • Dave

    I'll take way more of # 4, duck face or not!!! find that girl

  • greg

    #12 EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    what a pile of slunt meat.

  • Ricardo Figueiredo


  • Giroooux


    People look like this on purpose?!

  • andrew

    does 24 have a happy trail?

  • coco05

    #12 – I thought that fish were suppose to stay in water??

  • Joe

    One is my girlfriend… Embarrassing… I was looking at the first few pictures, laughed at them because I always make fun of her for it, sent her the link on fb "Look at these losers like you", scrolled down more and saw she was actually on it… very negative

  • Anonymous


  • soda pop

    #22 is a weird looking duckface, but I love her…..and want to see more.

  • val

    #2 Damn I had never seen a duck with such big boobs.

  • loves teens

    I just came

  • David

    Number 2 is so full of herself you can tell By Looking at the snotty cow

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