Here’s one way to mess with your neighbors (5 Photos)

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    meh, looks shopped. i can tell by a few pixels and the fact that ITS A CARDBOARD CUTOUT STUCK INTO A HOLE!! sheeshhhhhh.
    cheers, i get all the beers

  • lolguy


  • insomniac

    you're doing it wrong 🙂

  • buns

    If by lava you mean you're moms fat wet pussy , then ok . See you're mom is a whore

  • alwayssunny

    #5 is that….cricket?

  • Mr.Deichman

    PATHETIC, Great acting in the last pic by the way. The guy that made this should be shot in the head. No trial. Time to rid the world of losers.

  • Justin

    Seems like a great way to waste a fuckton of ink

  • Lulatsch

    Would have a better effect on japan…

    Yeah Yeah, hate me, I'll go to hell anyways.

    And to all the pussys talking about the poor japanese who died:
    Have you ever given a tear to the african kids who die in Africa EVERY FU#*/+§ING DAY!

    • HANK

      You sir are the worst kind of stupid! Kids, men, women, elderly doesn't matter they all die in every country every day hopefully you are next FUCKNUT. Oh and yeah you can cuss on this website fyi.

    • Pirogoth

      kids in all parts of the world die everyday, get over it and stop thinking only of Africans (and who woulda thought African kids are in Africa O.O)

  • Robert

    Oh c'mon! Who's dumb enough to think a flat photograph of printed lava is real on concrete??? And that prank really doesn't look that fun. And not to mention a waste of printer ink. I'm not trying to sound cynical but……..yeah. I still love you Chive.

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