Patty goes to a nutritionist (7 Photos)

For those of you who missed our first Patty post yesterday, click here. Patty would like me to thank the HUNDREDS of Chivers who sent emails of support to him yesterday. I've never seen Patty so happy - and that's saying a lot.

Today we met with the C.E.O of renowned Advanced Athletics , Adam Friedman, to discuss Patty's goals and his diet. It should be noted that Adam wasn't hired to help Patty lose 35 lbs. in 45 days, but rather to advise him on a proper diet to achieve long term health.

What we discovered was rather fascinating. Turns out Patty doesn't eat enough calories every day, he just eats too many calories all at once. When you don't space out your caloric intake, your body shifts to survival mode and begins breaking down muscles for energy rather than fat.

Then when Patty does eat, he eats too much. Overeating causes insulin to be released into Patty's bloodstream which, in turn, causes his body to immediately store the food he does eat as fat. Remember, Patty's body is in survival mode, it believes the food must be stored for later.

Then Patty took a body fat test. You can't really fail those kind of tests but I'm pretty sure Patty didn't ace the goddam thing.

So now he's on a regimented diet. A diet that will stabilize his blood sugar and release proper amounts of glucose into his blood allowing his body to burn fat instead instead of muscle and optimizing the weigh loss.

Next step, exercise.

As always, you can email Patty at Pattydontbefat [at] gmail [dot] com.

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