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  • its_forge

    #6 I don't like being pandered to with gratuitous lesbian scenes, but Jesus Christ Olivia Wilde has a marvelous face.

  • Parkatola

    To be helpful, and all in the name of research (of course), I just watched House Season 5, Ep 5, which is the source for #6 (right at the very, very end). The episode opens with a similar type of encounter with another woman, who is the subject of the episode (misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis) (not to give away any spoilers). If you like house and Olivia Wilde, it's an interesting episode. Chive on!

  • Flick

    Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo would prob be the capital.

    "The storm is active about 150 days per year,every year. During periods of peak intensity, the storm can last up to ten hours a day and produce 280 electrical discharges per hour"

  • Tubular Tom

    When she and I get married, I'm putting a high jump bar beside our bed.

  • codvip

    I think I just lost my virginity to #6.

  • CortezdaKiller

    Its hard to focus on how awesome #5 is with the distraction of #6

  • Cadet Ike438

    What kind of owl is that in #12?

  • Strife

    Man: You’re too young to watch number 6.

  • brian

    #10 no bra

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