Addison Timlin’s got potential (14 Photos)

Starting today, theCHIVE is going to bring you fresh actresses on Saturday that you might not have heard of. John told me that hyping established actresses wouldn't be very Chivish. Also, we won't be featuring, tall, ultra-thin, fake actresses. Girls next door or GTFO.

For those of you watching the 4th Season of Californication, you've been flashed by newcomer Addison Timlin more than a few times now. Addison plays burgeoning movie star Sasha Bingham on the show. Great boobs aside, the 20 year-old actress has got some serious talent.
Also, it goes without saying (but I'm saying it anyway), Hank Moody is a golden god.

And for the good stuff, you’re gonna want to head over to Egotastic. You’re welcome.

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