Addison Timlin’s got potential (14 Photos)

Starting today, theCHIVE is going to bring you fresh actresses on Saturday that you might not have heard of. John told me that hyping established actresses wouldn't be very Chivish. Also, we won't be featuring, tall, ultra-thin, fake actresses. Girls next door or GTFO.

For those of you watching the 4th Season of Californication, you've been flashed by newcomer Addison Timlin more than a few times now. Addison plays burgeoning movie star Sasha Bingham on the show. Great boobs aside, the 20 year-old actress has got some serious talent.
Also, it goes without saying (but I'm saying it anyway), Hank Moody is a golden god.

And for the good stuff, you’re gonna want to head over to Egotastic. You’re welcome.

  • Thomas Stees

    made my day!

  • until
  • Jay

    #10 damn. Also she has the same name as my cat, weird…

    • bacon

      You're a guy and you have a cat named Addison?

      • Jay

        I have a female cat because that's the kind my brother rescued. Her name is Addie but close enough.

  • Lyndon Morgan

    the stuff that is covered here isnt on egotastic and thank god for that and thank you chive for bringing them to my attention

  • Tj Huddleston

    MY WORD!!!! Those are a nice perfect pair…. Thanks for the link Chive

  • mtpuckhead

    Love this show, and she does have some magnificent boobs. I have been sick all weekend and this is just what I needed. Good call Mac.

  • 0nemanwolfpack

    #6 Californication does not disappoint

  • Andrew Curtis

    POTENTIAL? thats a bit critical dont you think? shes got it if you ask me.

  • Catch

    That ass is no slouch either.

  • DaddyD

    I think this series should be called "Maybe John or Leo (or maybe John and Leo) can get into the pants of an up-and-coming actress." Not complaining. Giving props.

  • aim

    i have a major girl crush on this chick. she has the perfect tits ever. She makes Californication for me.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #14 yea baby….

  • William H Macy

    I'm sorry but if you're not gay and this young lady doesn't turn you on I don't want to know you-

  • maxim2boobles


  • Blackhat

    Sooooo anyone else noticing how chive is slowly turning into a xxx site……….=/

  • Stix

    #4 Can't be the same girl as in the other pics.

  • Dazza

    FWOAR! Great pair of knockers.

  • That Guy

    #6 is definitely GIF-worthy…just sayin…

  • bisketz

    We need that chick form the new Old Navy Commercial. (Laya Playah)

  • Matt Nowak

    #6 probably the only time I can say I hated the chive. Or at least the text.

  • Ariesman

    Great idea for a weekly post. I already have your next subject in mind.
    How about Ksenia Solo from Lost Girl.

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