Chivette will remove an article of clothing for every 5 pounds Patty loses (3 Photos)

Last week in the comments, Whitney Howard, one of our long-time Chivettes agreed to drop an article of clothing for every 5 lbs Patty loses. Today, Whitney is sticking to her word. The photos of Whitney disrobing will appear in the 'Daily Afternoon Randomness' so tune in. Below you'll find the outfit Whitney won't be wearing much longer. It's awesome.


    For the same reason you go by douche bag instead of DB, no.


    I want to see boobies……………..girl boobies.

  • ebthekid

    errt… get this girl in playboy for real!

  • AtomManhattan

    <sarcasm>Nice! I've been looking allover the web for women without any clothes on, and finally I shall have what I most desire! This will be awesomely unprecedented!!!</sarcasm>

  • rtt

    patty have to go beyond the 35lbs goal

  • Adriel

    ok this is dangerous somebody is going to attack the poor guy with a vaccum cleaner to see this girls body

  • Adriel

    ex laxx and a treadmill till an intestine comes loose

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    dont feed the troll dude, he's just jealous of all the attention his man-boobs arent getting
    cheers, beers

  • tfm bitches

    whitney = huge slut

  • melonut

    those things behind D. and R. on her shirt are pretty motivation. Go for it!

  • MAC

    So CHIVE might have to make DAR NSFW one day?

    • Tofu_Ninja

      Doubt it…

  • Phillip Barnett

    I really wish I had this sort of motivation to lose weight… lol

  • Josh

    Weight Watchers has nothing on Whitney Watchers!

    Go Pat!

  • Rae Cantrell

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  • Cedric Walker

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  • jack

    so where are we at with this mission? 🙂

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